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Classic Pomp styled with Monster Hold

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Without doubt the signature look of the 1950’s, the Pomp is an iconic style that will never go out of fashion. Rocked by cultural icons throughout the years such as The King Himself, Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Johnny Cash.

Inspired by the Pomades of yesteryear, Monster Hold is our take on an old-school wax-based pomade. It’s extra powerful and water-resistant making it perfect for traditional or bolder styles that require a little extra hold, and the best bit, it doesn’t ‘set’ – perfect for the guy who likes to restyle throughout the day.

Being wax-based, Monster Hold can be a little tricky to remove from your hair – however, one wash with Uppercut Deluxe Degreaser will remove any build-up straight out.

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Monster Hold is a traditional wax based Pomade, that remains reworkable throughout the day.

This is an extra powerful, sweat resistant wax that was created especially for traditional or bolder styles that require a little extra hold. This product holds with weight, making it perfect to control your style all day long.

Being wax based, Monster Hold won’t set, making it perfect for anyone that likes to restyle their look. This also means that it won’t wash out with water or sweat. We recommend using Uppercut Deluxe Degreaser to remove Monster Hold from your hair.


Heavy and strong


Waxy, medium shine

Style Guide

Perfect for all styles

Hair Type

Anything that needs hardcore control


Wax Based

Apply to dry hair that has been washed beforehand with our Wash Range.

Start by working a small amount of product into dry palms and make sure to spread evenly across both hands. Apply a small amount to the fringe area using fingertips then work from the back of your head forwards making sure to spread product evenly throughout your hair.

Shape your hair to the desired look using your fingers or a Comb from our Accessories Range to give the shape you want for your style.

For the founders of Uppercut Deluxe, this product was the ultimate challenge. Time after time very exacting people were complaining that their style just wouldn’t last or that their current hair products just didn’t do the job.

These people were the toughest sort to please – the sort where style is everything and the look is uncompromising. The kind of people that don’t give second chances.

After a long time testing and researching, this super strong wax was born. When they tested for the first time, the boys were genuinely scared at just how good this wax was…hence the name Monster Hold.

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