Uppercut Deluxe at Barber Connect 2015, held at Celtic Manor, UK


Uppercut Deluxe at Barber Connect, UK

Barber Connect, the UK’s top barber industry trade show, took place on June 27 at the famous Celtic manor in Wales. Global Brand Ambassador Luke Dolan (UK) took the opportunity to showcase his skill set and what Uppercut Deluxe has to offer. 

uppercut deluxe @ barber connect

uppercut deluxe @barberconnect 
The annual Barber Connect event allows barbers from all over the UK to come together and showcase their innovation and skills, providing them with a platform to raise the profile of traditional men’s grooming, styling and talk “barbershop”. 


uppercut deluxe @barberconnect.
With over 2,000 tickets sold, people started coming through the fair gates as soon as they opened at 9.30am. Luke and the Uppercut Deluxe team set up our pop-up barber shop stall, with plenty of Uppercut Deluxe products and merchandise on display including styling and wash essentials like pomade and beard balm. Luke’s first haircut of the day was a Modern Pompadour with a razor fade, and passing foot traffic quickly took notice. Before long, there was a queue of people lining up to watch Luke cut and style hair, get a selfie with him or speak about the Uppercut Deluxe products and the brand itself. 


uppercut deluxe @barberconnect.
While Luke was busy answering questions from punters and generating buzz, the Uppercut Deluxe team got plenty of positive feedback, with many people trying products and taking away styling samples. Some members of the existing Uppercut Deluxe stockists made themselves at home in the shop, hanging out with Luke and discussing the latest products.
Styling products received a fantastic reception at Barber Connect, with people particularly impressed by its fragrance and the fact that it provides moisture and hold. Uppercut Deluxe’s signature Pomade and accessories such as the Quiff Roller and Pocket Comb also proved to be crowd favourites. By the end of the day, the stand was practically bare of stock, and Luke had done multiple haircuts and trimmed some manly beards. Needless to say, everyone was very impressed with his work. Until next year, Barber Connect. 


uppercut deluxe @barberconnect

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