1. ♠️♣️ Steen Jones Deals out Some Winning Tee Graphics
    ♠️♣️ Steen Jones Deals out Some Winning Tee Graphics
    Steen Jones is fast becoming a household name in the Australian youth culture, and he is no stranger to those familiar with Uppercut Deluxe. The renowned artist, who hails from Brisbane, has worked with us on a number of projects in the past. You may remember his best-selling T-Shirt ‘World’s Finest’ (which you can check out below). We thought it was high time we worked with Steen again on another few prints - and boy are we glad we did. This time around, Steen has hit us up with some awesome card suit inspired designs that are available in black, grey and white.
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  2. Catching up with Pat Capocci
    Catching up with Pat Capocci
    Uppercut Deluxe recently caught up with long-time friend and Ambassador, Pat Capocci. If Pat isn’t cutting at his barbershop in Freshwater, NSW, or surfing on Sydney’s northern breaks, he’s touring and performing at some of Australia’s most iconic music venues. Pat has a musical style all of his own – well worth a look if he’s playing near you. He combines country, blues, roots, swing and jazz to create a genre all of his own. His unique singing style, combined with his classic look provides a contrast and edge which is hard to come by, making him one of the hottest properties in the southern hemisphere. Though his talents don’t stop with music. Pat first picked up the shears and scissors a few years ago and has very quickly established himself as a talented barber. In 2017 he opened up his very own shop,
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  3. Electric Chair Education with Ron Talley
    Electric Chair Education with Ron Talley
    Earlier this week we did an education with Ron Talley at Electric Chair Salon in Ocean Beach, Ca. Electric Chair has a cool, eclectic vibe with loads of art hanging on the walls. It has a distinct artsy atmosphere that you can feel right when you walk through the door. The team there was very excited to have us, and they were eager to hear what our guy Ron Talley had to say.  Ron started off by giving some background info on the brand and talking about how he became involved with Uppercut Deluxe. Basically, one day he slid into Shane Nesbitt’s DMs and the rest is history (you can ask him yourself for the full story). Ron mentioned how he was drawn to Uppercut because they offered a full range of products for everything he needed as a professional. He transitioned into the demonstration where he was going to be showing the class how to cut a Side part with a low skin fade. One thing that Ron is always very clear about when he educates is that there is no one “right” w
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  4. For those who Groom and Zoom.
    For those who Groom and Zoom.
    For those who Groom and Zoom: An Ambassador Shoot with Uppercut Deluxe. What happens when you put some of the raddest, nicest and most down to earth guys we’ve ever met in a room together with a camera? This. We are so stoked to introduce this little clip, produced for all the Groomers and Zoomers out there. If you haven’t already met them, meet Scotty, Turk, Chase, Taylor, Big Scott, Dane, JJ and Eric – otherwise known as the USA contingent of the Uppercut Deluxe family. Each one of these guys is a big part of what we do and each one rocks their own signature style. This clip was filmed one sunny day a few weeks back in and around the SoCal area – between Dane’s shop (Eagle & Pig) in Costa Mesa, the Joker Bowl and along Pacific Coast Highway to San Onofre. We had no real plan for how the day would turn out – we just wanted to get all the guys together in one place, and try capture them doing what they do best – barbering, biking, skati
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  5. Freshwater's Finest
    Freshwater's Finest
    Freshwater is one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Duke Kahanamoku held his first Australian surf demonstration at Freshwater Beach, so the locals like to claim that Freshwater is home to Australian Surfing. It's because of this historic event and the even bigger claim that you could say that surfing runs through the local’s veins. There is a fair bit of truth about that; one visit to Freshwater and you’ll see that the beach is what really brings the community together. Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador, Pat Capocci, is one talented dude. You probably know him best for his music or maybe his surfing. A few moons ago Pat was a sign writer, but Pat decided to put down his paintbrush and pick up a set of scissors. Barbering came pretty natural to Pat and after paying his dues, he opened up his own shop – Flying Tiger Barbershop. Flying Tiger Barbershop has all the characteristics of a classic barbershop; sharp cuts, good tunes and most importantly
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  6. Jon Roth
    Jon Roth
    Jon Roth hails from Ontario, and is the founder of Crows Nest Barbershops, which boasts 5 locations across Canada. Crows Nest Barbershops aren’t any normal Barbershop chain though. Each shop has its own individual personality and story, all as varied as the neighbourhood they are in and the staff that work there – which was completely intentional. From the outset, Jon wanted to create a place that was more than just a barbershop, and a part of the community. Crows Nest Barbershop was born in a basement, in Kensington, Toronto. Jon, needed a place to practise his craft but couldn’t find the place to do it – so he made one. From there, the Crows Nest family began to grow and eventually they needed a new location. The vision for Jon and the Crows Nest team was always clear – take their appr
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  7. Luke's Barbershop at Foot Locker
    Luke's Barbershop at Foot Locker
    We caught up with Luke Dolan, of Luke's Barbershop after his recent run of pop ups in Foot Locker stores across the UK. Check it out What’s been your highlight of your time at Foot Locker? The Marble Arch store launch was a highlight because it was so busy and the energy in the venue was electric. Charlie Sloth on the decks and my 3-chair pop swamped with models, actors, DJs and Foot Locker hierarchy waiting as long as necessary!  Any funny moments? A special and funny moment for me was walking in to Marble Arch on the night before opening and they surprised me with a giant sign with my branding on it that was going to be in the centre of the store! I was like are you serious?! How did your team find it?
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  8. Pat Capocci opens Flying Tiger Barbershop
    Pat Capocci opens Flying Tiger Barbershop
    If you're well acquainted with Uppercut Deluxe then chances are you've heard of Pat Capocci before. If not, allows us to refresh your memory. Pat is local to the  Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, and has been a Lifestyle Ambassador for the brand for many years now. His talent? Well there's a few to list. Pat's an accomplished musician of international acclaim, a surfer and bad ass barber who worked for many years with the good folk at Captain Sip Sops in Manly.   The lovable lad is also a damned hard worker.  In the space of two months Pat; got married, played a number of gigs at home, interstate, and overseas and threw in a the 'small task' of opening his own barbershop. Flying Tiger Bar
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  9. Scotty Stopnik at Salton Sea
    Scotty Stopnik at Salton Sea
    Pulling Scotty Stopnik out of the garage can be a hard task. After a few years working with the man, we’ve started to slow figure out what makes him tick. Being a family man through and through, the quickest way to get him away from work are his beautiful wife and kids. Unfortunately for us, we don’t always have the same pull as them. The second quickest way is another one which is out of our control, good waves. Scotty is always down for a surf, and there is no doubt when the waves are on he is the first in the water. Mother nature isn’t always on our side and the ocean being a fickle beast, it’s tough to plan ahead for this one. Though, the other card up our sleeve is always a winner. Asking Scotty to come for a ride is one way we can always pull him out of Cycle Zombies HQ. On this particular occasion we asked fellow Ambassador JJ Wessels along to document Scotty t
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  10. Shane Down Under - Wrap Up
    Shane Down Under - Wrap Up
    In August, Uppercut Deluxe bought out San Francisco based Barber Ambassador Shane Nesbitt to run a series of intimate master cutting classes. Starting in Brisbane and running through Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney over two weeks saw Shane teach over 70 students. Taking the time to run through a variety of cuts, Shane made sure every student took something from the class.Though, Shane didn't just focus on teaching cutting skills - he shared his view on all things barbering, including shop management, social media and client retention. Keep an eye out for more Uppercut Deluxe education classes coming soon! Check out what went down at our Brisbane class.
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  11. Tim 'Hutto' Hutton
    Tim 'Hutto' Hutton
    Uppercut Deluxe Welcomes Tim 'Hutto' Hutton from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo.Uppercut Deluxe is proud to welcome Tim ‘Hutto’ Hutton, owner of Hutto’s Barbershop, to the Barber Ambassador team. Tim has always been an advocate of Uppercut Deluxe, being an avid fan of the product prior to becoming a barber he appreciated the quality and versatility in the range. Residing in Adelaide, Australia, Hutto always had an interest in becoming a barber and finally pursued the dream at the age of 26. Hutt
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    Uppercut Deluxe will ensure the barbering trade stays strong and authentic long into the future with a pledge to support the SB Barber Academy in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom. Since humble beginnings in 2009 the Uppercut Deluxe vision has been to help guys the world over to discover their style one cut, one product, one barbershop at a time. A key pillar in achieving this objective is to support and grow with barbers to develop the industry as a whole, not only through supplying a range of products but also giving back to the industry wherever possible. So when the opportunity to work with one of the UK’s premier Barbering Academy’s presented itself it was a no-brainer. The SB Barbering crew doing what they do best. Co-founders Steve Purcell and Luke Newman, are th
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