1. Introducing Uppercut Deluxe Salt Spray
    Introducing Uppercut Deluxe Salt Spray
    We're excited to announce its newest addition to their styling range, Salt Spray. Uppercut Deluxe Salt Spray gives light control to hair with a relaxed, textured hold and a natural finish. Salt Spray can be used to create a loose, lived in look with ease or as a pre-styling product when blow drying for extra volume and to lock in styles for longer.  Salt Sprays are not new to the market, whilst they all boast the elusive ‘fresh from the surf’ feel, some are too sticky, others too crunchy and worst of all; most of them smell like Nana’s perfume. Equally, for years there has been market demand for a Barbers Tonic that can be used as a building product before blow drying to create extra volume and position to the hair ready for styling. The Uppercut Deluxe product team set out to create a
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  2. Bush Fire Appeal Update
    Bush Fire Appeal Update
    A huge thank you to all the legends that purchased a Tee and supported the Australian Bushfire Appeal! We're absolutely stoked to announce that, in total, 805 shirts were purchased! These are now making their way all the across the world, from Singapore and Japan to Italy and Sweden.  Thanks to everyone who got involved and bought a shirt, a total of AUD$27,019.52 was raised. We've split this evenly between CFA, NSW RFS, CFS and Wires, each organisation has received $6,754.88. A huge thank you to our friends at PSI Screen Printing for helping us out and printing the Tee's as quickly as possible. The support the global community has offered to Australia in the wake of the fires has been nothing short of amazing. We're very humbled to see the
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  3. Bush Fire Appeal
    Bush Fire Appeal
    Uppercut Deluxe’s motherland, Australia is in the midst of a crisis. The fires have taken a devastating toll on the land, people and wildlife The scale of the devastation caused by the fires is difficult to comprehend. The wildfires have so far burned more than 12 million acres, they have killed at least 24 people, and nearly 2000 homes have been destroyed. In New South Wales alone, the fires have killed nearly 500 million birds, reptiles and mammals.  As an Australian company, it’s heartbreaking to hear the stories of those affected. To help do our bit, we’re running a limited shirt available for Pre Order. All proceeds from t
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  4. Time Well Spent: Steve Sherman
    Time Well Spent: Steve Sherman
    Widely renowned as one of the best Surf photographers in the world, Steve ‘Sherm’ Sherman is a photojournalist hailing from Cardiff, California. Funnily enough, Sherm doesn’t really shoot ‘surf’, but prefers to focus on the things no one else is looking at. Relying on intuition more than anything else, Sherm takes a relatively relaxed approach to his photography. He puts himself in situations no other photographers would dare to even think about to capture the moments that would usually go unnoticed. The result is raw, gritty but above all else, honest. Don’t get us wrong, Sherm is a workhorse. Attend any WSL event and you’ll be able to pick Sherm out from a mile away in his signature hat, making his way through the hungry pack to find his spot. After following the tour for since 1995, he’s picked up a few tricks along the way and won himself countless covers as a result.  What really separates Sherm from the rest is his ability to create relationships that h
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  5. Eagle and Pig at the Vans US Open of Surfing
    Eagle and Pig at the Vans US Open of Surfing
    Check out a quick wrap up of Eagle and Pig's guest spot at the Vans US Open of Surfing, from the man himself Dane 'Pig Barber' Hesse. Just like my relationship with Uppercut Deluxe; this entire Vans US Open of Surfing journey started in the barbershop. This is where I show up to work each day, cut hair to the best of my ability, and offer a curated a space that people want to experience and share with others.A good customer of Eagle and Pig - Justin Villano wanted to share the experience beyond the four walls of the barbershop and pitched us to his Vans associates as: unique, local and interesting people, and just like that we were invited to be a part of the 2019 Vans US Open of Surfing Street Market. A section of 10x10 booths in the heart of the competition site. Thinking back. my Ambassador relationship wi
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  6. Uppercut Deluxe at Beach Grease Beer Co
    Uppercut Deluxe at Beach Grease Beer Co
    A sunny summers day in Southern California is hard to beat; but our friends at Beach Grease Beer Co. know how to turn good to great with their unique brand of party.In a short space of time Beach Grease Beer Co. have established themselves as one of California’s premium producers of amber beverages, with this party marking the anniversary of two years in business.Abandon all thoughts of jumping castles, balloons and a face painting that you might expect from a second birthday. Shift that thinking to bands, cars, motorcycles and of course the Uppercut Deluxe ‘Cut Bus’ Mobile Barbershop.Festivities started early and by 1pm the front car park of their Vista, California, location filled up with Rat Rods, Hot Rods and a handful of custom-built choppers. Inside the brewery itself a crowd quickly grew around a back drop of hand painted surfboards, art installations and display motorcycles. Meanwhile, a range of bands
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  7. Uppercut Deluxe x Andis
    Uppercut Deluxe x Andis
    Uppercut Deluxe x Andis from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo. The perfect cut starts with the right tools for the job, and ends with the right product to finish. Depending on where you are from, you may know it as the Cordless Envy or the US Pro. This tool is an iconic staple of the Andis line, drawing inspiration from traditional barbering practices and combining them with modern technology to deliver a stellar performance every time. The Clipper is powered by a lithium-ion battery and weighs less than
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  8. Introducing Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder
    Introducing Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder
    Uppercut Deluxe is stoked to announce that the wait for the highly anticipated Styling Powder is over. Styling Powder is designed to add volume and texture to all types of hair, with ­flexible hold offering a natural finish. While powders are relatively new to the industry and consumers alike, they are extremely easy to use – simply ‘Shake and Rake’. This makes Styling Powder a solution for guys who don’t like to use traditional hair products but need something to help them look their best. Styling Powder is completely different to anything else within the Uppercut Deluxe range; the product has a unique application offers unique finish and an overall different grooming experience. Providing a light hold that follows the natural flow of the hair, Styling Powder creates texture and volume to all hair types and lengths. The best bit; it can be re-worked throughout the day. Use it daily to create C
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  9. Uppercut Deluxe x Throttle Roll 2019
    Uppercut Deluxe x Throttle Roll 2019
    On Saturday the 18th of May engines roared and people flooded the streets of Waterloo in anticipation for the return of Throttle Roll 2019. With a new venue, came a new layout from the traditional 5 story high bike towers and consumers were able to get amongst the custom-built bikes, feeling and getting close to appreciate the craftsman ship of each unique build. Uppercut Deluxe had the pleasure of working with Throttle Roll and Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador Tommy J, to provide a pop-up barbershop where we could help give life to helmet hair. From the moment doors opened the chair was filled and throughout the day customers were happily walking away looking fresh for the shenanigans the night would bring. After the sun set motor enthusiast were greeted with a series of bands, entertainment & a closing speech from the creator Mark Hawwa bringing Throttle Roll to a close and living up to the promise of being the best one yet. Uppercut Deluxe would l
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  10. Uppercut Deluxe introduces Beard Oil
    Uppercut Deluxe introduces Beard Oil
    Uppercut Deluxe, is stoked to launch its long-awaited Beard Oil. A good beard should be well-conditioned, nourished, maintained and styled. In a crowded market, it takes something special for a beard oil to stand out… The creation of Beard Oil was an exciting and extensive project for the Uppercut Deluxe product development team, from density to fragrance every option was explored. Knowing how many beard oil products are out there, and how many fall short of the high quality expectation of a premium grooming product, the team realised that the creation of Beard Oil was a science that required time, dedication and endless testing. Although it took a while to create a lightweight Beard Oil that leaves the beard well-nourished & conditioned without feeling greasy, the result is something well worth the wait. Created to be intentionally thinner than traditional beard oils, this is an oil that allows for smo
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  11. Barbers of the Month: American Vintage Barbershop
    Barbers of the Month: American Vintage Barbershop
    Location: 203 Covina Ave. Long Beach Ca 90803 OR 6546 Greenleaf Ave. Whittier Ca 90601 Website: Instagram handle: @AVBLBC & @AmericanVintageBarbershop   How would you describe your shop’s vibe? Classic neighbourhood shop with a welcoming, laid back vibe. What’s the most popular cut in the shop at the moment? Our most popular cuts are gentleman’s cut/ pompadours. Tell us something we don’t know about Uppercut Deluxe products?  It smells like a vacation. Who is the favourite artist to spin in the shop?
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  12. Barbers of the Month: Stay Local Barbershop
    Barbers of the Month: Stay Local Barbershop
    Location: Aspley, Brisbane, QLD Australia  Website: Instagram handle: @staylocalbarbershop    How would you describe your shop’s vibe? Like a kindergarten for grown men but with less finger painting.  What’s the most popular cut in the shop at the moment? Skin fade/ razor fade  What’s the favourite Uppercut Deluxe products? Easy Hold is the goods, new matte clay goes alright too.  What’s the shop’s favourite style to cut? Traditional short back and sides, it’s our bread and butter.  What’s the best tip for someone visiting the area?
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