1. Time Well Spent: Steve Sherman
    Time Well Spent: Steve Sherman
    Widely renowned as one of the best Surf photographers in the world, Steve ‘Sherm’ Sherman is a photojournalist hailing from Cardiff, California. Funnily enough, Sherm doesn’t really shoot ‘surf’, but prefers to focus on the things no one else is looking at. Relying on intuition more than anything else, Sherm takes a relatively relaxed approach to his photography. He puts himself in situations no other photographers would dare to even think about to capture the moments that would usually go unnoticed. The result is raw, gritty but above all else, honest. Don’t get us wrong, Sherm is a workhorse. Attend any WSL event and you’ll be able to pick Sherm out from a mile away in his signature hat, making his way through the hungry pack to find his spot. After following the tour for since 1995, he’s picked up a few tricks along the way and won himself countless covers as a result.  What really separates Sherm from the rest is his ability to create relationships that h
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  2. Style Finder
    Style Finder
    Looking for some style inspiration? We've put together a few of our favourite styles to help you find your next look. CLASSIC TIGHT LINES If you’re wanting to impress, there’s no better style than a classic. With a tight Slick Back, Side Part, Quiff or Pomp you are sure to stand out from the crowd.  You can't really go wrong with a Classic - they tend to suit pretty much everyone and a variety of hair types. SLICK BACK Hair Type: Straight, Wavy Hair Length: Mid to Long Pair with: Deluxe Pomade, Matte Pomade, Monster Hold A Slick Back is a classic style worn by guys from all walks of life. With plenty of alterations, slick backs come
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  3. How to Style: Casual Side Part
    How to Style: Casual Side Part
    The Casual Side Part has been a staple cut for decades thanks to its versatility; at the bar or the office nearly every guy can pull off this sharp look. The best thing about this style is the ability to keep it relaxed with a low shine product, like Matte Pomade or dress it up with something with a higher shine, like Deluxe Pomade. Matte Pomade is a great starting point for a guy new to this style - it applies to dry hair easily, without setting too quickly, meaning you will have plenty of time to get y
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  4. How to Style: Texturised Messy Look
    How to Style: Texturised Messy Look
    Want to nail that fresh out of the Barber shop look? Check out this step-by-step guide to nailing the Texturised Messy Look. In this demo we use Easy Hold in dry hair, helping to create a natural matte finish. Easy Hold is one of the most versatile products in the Uppercut Deluxe line. Easy Hold is a favourite amongst our Ambassadors as a prestyling or blow dry through product. Though in this How-To we cover off how Easy Hold can be used to create
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  5. Long Tapered Pompadour - How to Cut
    Long Tapered Pompadour - How to Cut
    In this How to Cut & Style, Mike ‘Pugsly’ Conti takes us through one of his favourite cuts, the Long Tapered Pompadour. How to Cut: Long Tapered Pompadour Watch Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassador Mike Conti cut and style a Long Tapered Pompadour with Uppercut Deluxe Matte Pomade. Mike is owner of Pugsly’s Traditional Barbershop and Pugsly’s Sidesh
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  6. Loose Textured Undercut - How To Cut
    Loose Textured Undercut - How To Cut
    A quick google search into the origins of the Undercut will suggest that this style in its earliest form, was worn by the 'lower class' of the 1920's era.  The suggestion is that those with very little money could not afford a barber with the skills to blend in the sides of the haircut... And while this may (or may not) have been true at the time, the reality of the modern day Undercut is very different. The Undercut has enjoyed a steady resurgence in recent years, and its revival can largely be attributed to the hit TV series 'Peaky Blinders'.  But the heavy disconnect worn by Tommy Shelby and his henchmen is certainly not for everybody.  As a result we've seen an abundance of modern and more-wearable variations of the Undercut develop. James Reichwein of Cut Throat Amsterdam is no stranger to the Undercut in its various forms.  In this 'How To' Video James demonstrates the art of cutting a modern look -Loose Textured Undercut which he styles with Easy Hold.
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  7. Low And Tight Side Part - How To Cut
    Low And Tight Side Part - How To Cut
    This style has evolved from the classic styles of the 1950’s where a short back and sides became a common request in the barbershop. The basis of this haircut is the low fade and the tight finish which highlights the top section of the hair. The top section is left slightly longer to allow for styling and providing that final shape to the look. The side part gives the hairstyle definition and a touch of good old fashioned class. How To Cut A Low and Tight Side Part
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  8. Easy Slick Back - How To Cut
    Easy Slick Back - How To Cut
    The Pompadour, or Pomp for short, is a hairstyle that has proven to be timeless since its conception in the 1700’s. The Pomp’s styling principles have always remained the same, and it has become a popular men’s hairstyle in recent times. Barbers of today combine the Pomp’s original styling technique with short back and sides, to create what is now known as the Easy Slick Back. This look can be styled in various ways, but it is most commonly worn high, with hair slicked back from the fringe area to the back of the head. The Pomp element brings height and definition to this style, whilst the slick back gives it a refined and sleek finish. How To Cut An Easy Slick Back
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  9. Everyday Sidepart with Taper - How To Cut
    Everyday Sidepart with Taper - How To Cut
    The Uppercut Deluxe team takes you through how to cut a Everyday Sidepart with Taper using Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay. This how-to video will teach you the tricks of the trade so that you can get the Everyday Sidepart your client wants. How to Cut: Everyday Sidepart with Taper Watch Uppercut Deluxe Global Barber Ambassador George Coady cut and style a Everyday Sidepart with Taper with Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay.
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  10. High And Tight Slick Back - How To Cut
    High And Tight Slick Back - How To Cut
    This is an all time classic – its a style that only the best of the best can do with real confidence – probably because it takes a certain kind of guy to sit in the chair and ask for it to be cut. There are so many things to get right and a lot of techniques involved to make a good cut look great – the fade has to be high enough and smooth enough; the length on the top has to be just right at the fringe and back; the hairline has to be strong. How to cut a High and Tight Slick Back Style We know its not easy, so we’ve tried to help just a little with this video tutorial. Dane Hesse, aka the Pig Barber is a master of the high and tight style, and is seriously talented with a short hair fade.
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  11. Modern Textured Quiff With Fade - How To Cut
    Modern Textured Quiff With Fade - How To Cut
    Generally regarded as a hybrid style, the quiff takes inspiration from more traditional 1950’s styles like the pompadour, the flat top and in some instances the mohawk. The quiff by simple definition is hair lifted upwards and backward from the forehead. As the style evolved over the years the length on the top of the head was counterbalanced with a short fade around the base of the head. In this particular example of the quiff features a short length of textured hair throughout the top section giving the hair a spiky finish. Easy to style and maintain, the Textured Quiff is a go to style for many none fuss groomers. How To Cut A Modern Textured Quiff with Fade
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  12. Razor Faded Side Part - How To Cut
    Razor Faded Side Part - How To Cut
    How To Cut A Razor Faded Side Part Let Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador barber Dane Hesse, AKA The Pig Barber, from Eagle and Pig Barber shop demonstrate how to cut and style a razor faded side part using Uppercut Deluxe Pomade. This step-by-step video teaches you the tricks of the trade so that you can cut a Razor Faded Side Part hairstyle with ease. Follow along at your own pace.
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