1. Barbers of the Month: Cut 'N' Dunn Barbers
    Barbers of the Month: Cut 'N' Dunn Barbers
    Address: Secret Harbour, Western Australia Website: Instagram: @cutndunnbarbers How would you describe your shop’s vibe? A local shop where everyone becomes a friend plenty of wit which makes this man cave a great place to hang out. What’s your most popular cut at the moment? Fades are big with pomps & slick backs also messy quiff lately What’s your favorite Uppercut Deluxe products? Deluxe pomade is one of the most popular but pe
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  2. Barbers of the Month: Greasy Hands Barbershop
    Barbers of the Month: Greasy Hands Barbershop
    Locations: Florence, Huntsville & Tuscaloosa, Alabama Website: Instagram: @greasyhands How would you describe the vibe in your shop? A shop for the everyman. Families, kids, college students, businessman and older gentleman. Good tunes, old motorcycles, and a comfortable place to sit. We give you a "how's it going, buddy?" and get right to work. What's the most popular cut in your shop at the moment? #2 on the sides, finger length on top, natural
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  3. Barbers of the Month: Bikes and Blades
    Barbers of the Month: Bikes and Blades
    Location: Warrington, Cheshire Website: Instagram: @bikesandbladesltd How would you describe the vibe of your shop? Coffee bar, Old school motorbikes and barber shop hangout What's your most popular cut at the moment? A 0 Fade slick back, always looks good even after you take your helmet off Favourite style to cut? A textured crop Why did you get into Barbering? Had a vision about 10 years ago, wanted to cut hair, rock up on m
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  4. Executive Scissor Cut - How To Cut
    Executive Scissor Cut - How To Cut
    This is about the most classic of all the classics – a scissor only cut. It’s a style that every barber should have in their arsenal, but one that so many shy away from because of the potential for error. Its all about balance and finesse. It only works on a few select guys who really pay their respects to time honoured tradition, so don’t go trying to make this work on everyone. Scissor over comb, contour cutting – you name it. Watch as Chris gives a masterclass in technique on how to master this super technical cut, all before finishing his Executive Scissor Cut with Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade. We know its not easy – so sit back and watch Chris Brownless show you the tricks of the trade to achieve this killer look. He’s one talented barber…  
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  5. Luke's Barbershop at Foot Locker
    Luke's Barbershop at Foot Locker
    We caught up with Luke Dolan, of Luke's Barbershop after his recent run of pop ups in Foot Locker stores across the UK. Check it out What’s been your highlight of your time at Foot Locker? The Marble Arch store launch was a highlight because it was so busy and the energy in the venue was electric. Charlie Sloth on the decks and my 3-chair pop swamped with models, actors, DJs and Foot Locker hierarchy waiting as long as necessary!  Any funny moments? A special and funny moment for me was walking in to Marble Arch on the night before opening and they surprised me with a giant sign with my branding on it that was going to be in the centre of the store! I was like are you serious?! How did your team find it?
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  6. Jon Roth
    Jon Roth
    Jon Roth hails from Ontario, and is the founder of Crows Nest Barbershops, which boasts 5 locations across Canada. Crows Nest Barbershops aren’t any normal Barbershop chain though. Each shop has its own individual personality and story, all as varied as the neighbourhood they are in and the staff that work there – which was completely intentional. From the outset, Jon wanted to create a place that was more than just a barbershop, and a part of the community. Crows Nest Barbershop was born in a basement, in Kensington, Toronto. Jon, needed a place to practise his craft but couldn’t find the place to do it – so he made one. From there, the Crows Nest family began to grow and eventually they needed a new location. The vision for Jon and the Crows Nest team was always clear – take their appr
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  7. Textured And Disconnected Slick Back - How To Cut
    Textured And Disconnected Slick Back - How To Cut
    This style is a modern twist on something classic. The Slick Back has its origins in eras gone by, but the Disconnect gives it a new dimension and brings the style right into the modern day. The Textured & Disconnected Slick Back is a style we’re seeing more and more, particularly in Europe from some of the top barbers out there. It’s a style that’s super wearable every day and versatile enough to be worn differently to suit the needs of the guy in the chair. It can be worn loose and textured with height, or low and slicked back. There are so many things to get right and a lot of techniques involved to make a good cut look great – the fade has to be high enough and smooth enough; the length on the top has to be just right at the fringe and back; the hairline has to be strong. We know its not easy, so we’ve tried to help just a little with this video tutorial. Luke Dolan has some serious skills –
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  8. Disconnected Throwback - How To Cut
    Disconnected Throwback - How To Cut
    A slick back is an all time classic. From war time heroes to 30′s gangsters. Its been around a long time and its going nowehere. The best bit, barbers like Chris Brownless have stepped up the game and added modern tools and techniques to the mix – so meet the Disconnected Throwback. Inspired heavily by the old school slick back, this modern twist on a classic is a style we’re seeing all over the globe. Its a style that guys are wearing in between their slick days, when they want something a little more relaxed and easy. It can be worn high with heaps of texture, or low and controlled. It's a hard one to get right – lots of complex techniques involved to get the finish just right. The fade has to be just high enough; the length on the top needs to be perfect to meet with the fade; the clipper work along the sides needs to go high enough and straight enough to look clean. We know i
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  9. Uppercut Deluxe Celebrates 10 Years of Staying Power
    Uppercut Deluxe Celebrates 10 Years of Staying Power
    Uppercut Deluxe is stoked to be celebrating 10 Years of Staying Power. To celebrate this milestone, our friends at Grounded Motion put together a rad piece documenting the story so far. Visit the Uppercut Deluxe website for the full clip.     To celebrate 10 Years of Staying Power, Uppercut Deluxe is introducing a limited-edition capsule including a Tee Shirt, Anniversary edition Tin Lid, Keyring and Patch, all of which stamped with the 10 Year Anniversary graphic, designed by one of the original Uppercut Deluxe founders. For a limited time, we're offering a Free Keyring with the purchase of our 10 Years of Staying Power Tin of Deluxe Pomade and a Free Patch with the purchase of a
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  10. Mike Conti
    Mike Conti
    Mike Conti is owner of Pugsly's Traditional Barbershop and Pugsly's Sideshow, both in Kingston New York. When Mike was 18 he started working in a garage, working with rust and making old things cool again. He's always been interested in Kustoms, hot-rods and motorbikes but barbering is what he is really passionate about. Mike's interest hit tipping point after enrolling in Barber College, and from there it became an all-out obsession. After a day in the class room he would spend his entire night researching cutting techniques, styles, barbershop history and culture. His research inspired him to do more than mimic the look of an old-school barber shop, but to recreate the entire service. Mike ensures that everybody who walks through his door leaves with exactly what they wanted or something even better. You coul
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  11. Mason Dyer
    Mason Dyer
    Mason Dyer is a true DIY master, all while being one of the humblest guys you will ever meet. Based in Oceanside, California, Mason is a surfboard shaper, car tinkerer and clothing designer.Heavily influenced by the style and function of time gone by, he has a passion for shaping high quality custom surfboards and U.S made apparel. Find Him: Shaping custom surfboards, sorting through vintage clothing or working on his Model A Roadster. Follow Him on Instagram: @dyerbrand About Mason:He has more talent than you can poke a wrench/fin/sewing needle at. He runs his own business, shapes surfboards, collects WWII nostalgia and spends his downtime working on cars. Mason has
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  12. Celebrating 10 Years of Pugsly’s Barbershop
    Celebrating 10 Years of Pugsly’s Barbershop
    Not many businesses can say that they have been trading for 10 years. It is a true testament to Mike Conti and his team. There is something about them that makes Pugsly’s so special and such a great part of the community. It only seemed fitting that we send our US based Barber Ambassadors to surprise Mike and his crew. Dane Hesse, Shane Nesbitt & Ron Talley all jumped at the opportunity to support and celebrate with Mike. A couple of beers, good tunes, classic cars and a dunk tank full of Keegan Ales finest brew, good times flowed all day long. In the 10 Years, Mike has opened up two shops, which have become
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