If you follow barbering and Instagram in the UK then we would not be surprised if you have heard of Paul Hewitt (aonoxxx). As a brand founder of AONO Paul has been a fan of Uppercut Deluxe since the start and has been driving force in promoting Uppercut Deluxe on the UK shores. So when he agree to be a brand ambassador for UD earlier in the year we super excited to be involved and support Paul with his endeavours. Over the weekend we were really proud to see Paul open his new shop, the AONO Barbershop. If you do not know Brighton then the shop located on Lewes road which is a 15 minute walk from the main train station and situated 3 minutes from the Level Skatepark. With three chairs we were stoked to see several of the UK’s top barbers applying their trade throughout the day. Brad (HBAB) made the trip up from Bristol, we also saw some cameos from Matt Jessops (Head Barber from Murdocks, London) and Mr Frank D Rimmer. Resident Barber Josh was also on hand cutting all day for the queues that were building down the street. The guys cut from 10am to 8pm, the chairs were non-stop and did not go longer than 30 seconds without having the next cut in them ready to go. We wish Paul all the best with the AONO Barbershop and can’t wait to see what he does next in his career.
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