1. Chris Brownless
    Chris Brownless
    Chris Brownless is an Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassador. Owner of North West Barber Co in Clitheroe, Chris Brownless has made a name for himself as one of the north of England’s truly pioneering and best-respected barbers. Chris started out as an apprentice in a unisex salon at the age of 17. Over the years he soon figured out which side of the industry he loved the most, and where his skills were best suited. He opened North West Barber Co in July 2013 and has gone from strength to strength growing a loyal clientele and sense of community at his shop. Founded on traditional values in Accrington in 2013, before moving to the current Clitheroe location in 2016, NWBC respect the history of barbering and its significance in the modern age. The boys at NWBC bring the enjoyment back into men’s grooming. The shop r
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  2. Dane Hesse
    Dane Hesse
    Dane Hesse, aka Pig Barber, is head barber at his Eagle and Pig barbershop in Costa Mesa, California, where he combines all of his favourite things: old cars, tattoos, motorcycles, handiwork, good beer, whiskey, and surfing. About Dane Hesse:After moving to Costa Mesa and completing a degree in history and political science, Dane pondered his prospective career opportunities and eventually couldn't go past the potential of a career of barbering. He then went off to the Real Barber's College in Anaheim, and graduated in 2009.To gain some valuable experience, Dane spent the following year honing his craft at a local barbershop and eventually opened his own unique shop in 2011, Eagle and Pig. He wanted to open a shop that combined his own style and interests, and cr
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  3. George Coady
    George Coady
    George Coady is a super-talented and relatively new face in Barbering.   A permanent fixture at Folsom Barber Club in Birmingham, George’s reputation precedes him. A daring and innovative barber, George’s impressive lookbook points as much towards the traditional styles of yesteryear as it does his own unique modern brand of haircuts. The secret to quick success? “Never stop learning, never stop evolving.” Born and raised in Warwickshire, a neighbouring suburb of the greater Birmingham area, George finished his schooling years, with no clear idea on what he wanted to do in life. Always one with a creative eye and an interest in art, style and fashion, George toyed with the idea of barbering straight out of school, but at the time could only find college courses that specific to hairdressing. After a f
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  4. James Reichwein
    James Reichwein
    James Reichwein, Aka 'Jimmy the Tulip', is a barber and Co-owner of Cut Throat Amsterdam, Toons Barbershop in Amsterdam and Good Vibes Only in Ibiza. Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand Jimmy was an aspiring professional footballer before he discovered his love of the barbering trade and set up shop in his hometown. He made the move to Amsterdam in 2011 when his shop was flattened by one of Christchurch's notorious earthquakes. With nine years barbering experience under his belt, and a Dutch passport in hand, Jimmy set about looking for a job in an established barbershop but soon realised there were very few to choose from. So, in true entrepreneurial spirit he started the original Cut Throat Amsterdam a four chair premises that they quickly outgrew. Fast forward a few years and Cut Throat Amsterdam, now l
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  5. Jon Roth
    Jon Roth
    Jon Roth hails from Ontario, and is the founder of Crows Nest Barbershops, which boasts 5 locations across Canada. Crows Nest Barbershops aren’t any normal Barbershop chain though. Each shop has its own individual personality and story, all as varied as the neighbourhood they are in and the staff that work there – which was completely intentional. From the outset, Jon wanted to create a place that was more than just a barbershop, and a part of the community. Crows Nest Barbershop was born in a basement, in Kensington, Toronto. Jon, needed a place to practise his craft but couldn’t find the place to do it – so he made one. From there, the Crows Nest family began to grow and eventually they needed a new location. The vision for Jon and the Crows Nest team was always clear – take their appr
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  6. Luke Dolan
    Luke Dolan
    Luke Dolan, Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassador and owner of traditional barber shop chain ‘Luke’s Barbershop’ is a master of traditional barbering and one of the best-known names on the UK scene. About Luke Dolan: Luke started a hairdressing apprenticeship aged 17. Preferring the subtler environment of a barber shop, he took his skills over to barbering shortly after and hasn't looked back. Having worked in various barber shops throughout North London Luke opened his own barber shop in April 2013. Having given a lot of thought to the design of the shop, and whether it should appeal to traditional or current trends, Luke made the decision to follow his own style, reflecting his personality, "shabby and worn like me!" Luke now owns three shops, two of these based in London (Oxhey and Ruislip). More recen
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  7. Mike Conti
    Mike Conti
    Mike Conti is owner of Pugsly's Traditional Barbershop and Pugsly's Sideshow, both in Kingston New York. When Mike was 18 he started working in a garage, working with rust and making old things cool again. He's always been interested in Kustoms, hot-rods and motorbikes but barbering is what he is really passionate about. Mike's interest hit tipping point after enrolling in Barber College, and from there it became an all-out obsession. After a day in the class room he would spend his entire night researching cutting techniques, styles, barbershop history and culture. His research inspired him to do more than mimic the look of an old-school barber shop, but to recreate the entire service. Mike ensures that everybody who walks through his door leaves with exactly what they wanted or something even better. You coul
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  8. Ron Talley
    Ron Talley
    Ron Talley is Barber and Co-Owner of Electric Barbershop in Riverside California. Born in Houston TX, but a raised as a Cali-kid from a young age. He now calls Riverside home along with his wife and young son.Interestingly - Ron's Grandmother was barber in LA during the 60's, and his Uncle owned and operated a Barbershop in Bakersfield after returning from WWII. But it wasn't family legacy or tradition that inspired his career choices. Like so many Barbers out there, Ron's interest in the trade developed simply from time spent in the barbershop as a client. He would visit his local barber ever couple of weeks and admired the atmosphere that the barbershop cultivated. When he was laid off from his job in construction Ron turned to Barbering and dove straight into his college training. Head down, bum and up and v
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  9. Shane Nesbitt
    Shane Nesbitt
    Shane Nesbitt is the owner and Sole Proprietor of Shane's Barbershop in San Mateo California. Now a licensed Barber for 12 years, Shane originally started out as the owner and operator of a record store in Burlingame, San Mateo. After a few years of operation, Shane saw a decline in the industry and sought a trade to fall back on. Always intrigued by the banter of the Barbershop, and a self-confessed critic of his own Barbers work, Shane briefly considered a life in the Barbering Trade before waking up one day and saying: "I want to be a Barber." The rest is history. Renowned as THE Barbershop in the Bay Area, Shane's Barbershop is full service shop with an extremely loyal customer base. Shane caters to a diverse range of customers and has created a niche business by opening some crazy hours to cater to his cli
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  10. Tim 'Hutto' Hutton
    Tim 'Hutto' Hutton
    Uppercut Deluxe Welcomes Tim 'Hutto' Hutton from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo.Uppercut Deluxe is proud to welcome Tim ‘Hutto’ Hutton, owner of Hutto’s Barbershop, to the Barber Ambassador team. Tim has always been an advocate of Uppercut Deluxe, being an avid fan of the product prior to becoming a barber he appreciated the quality and versatility in the range. Residing in Adelaide, Australia, Hutto always had an interest in becoming a barber and finally pursued the dream at the age of 26. Hutt
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  11. Tommy J
    Tommy J
    Tommy J, of the famous Hair by Tommy J in the inner-Sydney suburb of Redfern, is all about the barbering lifestyle. To him, it's more than cutting hair, it's about creating a way of life. About Tommy J: Starting his career as a barber at just 14 years of age, Tommy J had a driving passion to offer an experience for his customers, and not just a haircut. The vibe he's created in his Sydney barbershop is relaxed, and somewhere you'd want to go and walk around, not just sit in the chair.Tommy recalls spending nights sat outside other barbershops when he first started out, just so he could soak up the vibe and admire the technique of other more experiences barbers. What he learnt during that time helped him create a barbershop that's somewhere guys want to go to hang out, a shop t
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  12. Vikki Smith of SB Barbering Academy
    Vikki Smith of SB Barbering Academy
    SB Barbering Academy is located in Sunderland, in the North of England. Concentrating on traditional cutting techniques and incorporating them within the modern barbering model, the Academy is dedicated to creating a generation of highly skilled and passionate barbers. The Academy is run by Vikki Smith, a veteran of the 'Old School' with over 20 years in the industry. The Academy has just one rule, leave your ego at the door! Vikki does more than just keep up with the best of them - she trains them too. She is personally dedicated to raising the standard of freshly qualified and seasoned barbers alike, making her the perfect fit as an Uppercut Deluxe Education Ambassador. Where the operation started out as a one woman show, Vikki has now created a program that teaches the art of barbering the right way, with hands on
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