Barbers of the Month: Barber and Mack

Barbers of the Month

Barber and Mack

Address: 10 Montpellier St, Harrogate HG1 2TQ, UK


Instagram: @barberandmack

How would you describe your shop’s vibe?

Professional, monochrome, traditional yet modern.

What’s your most popular cut at the moment?

Long, brushed back with movement and slightly softer edges, all scissor cut.

What’s the best tip for someone visiting your area?

Come to Harrogate in the summer and enjoy the Stray (massive grass park that surrounds the town), we also have a great choice of cafes / bars with seating on the pavements which is surprisingly continental for Yorkshire. Harrogate has also been noted as one of the happiest place to live in the UK more than once.

Who is your biggest barbering influence?

The team inspire each other everyday, we always do our best to be on point. When the man working the chair next to you is knocking out sharp cuts all day it’s hard not to be inspired. Second to that the whole barbering scene is exploding right now so there are too many inspirational barbers to list.

What is your favourite shop (other than your own)?

We really love the style of Akin barbershop in Dubai, the design is really progressive and quite different to the style of barbershops we are seeing in the UK right now. Worth a look!

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