Beard Balm Launch X SSSC Union Night

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To mark the launch of Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm, Global Brand Ambassador Dane Hesse hosted a Stay Sharp Social Club Union event at Eagle and Pig, his barbershop in Costa Mesa, California.
To kick off the launch, a free educational moustache and beard trimming session took place, with barbers and salon staff from all over Costa Mesa turning out to learn the tricks of the trade and try the latest Uppercut Deluxe products for themselves, under the guidance of Dane, aka Pig Barber. Eagle and Pig isn’t your average barbershop; it’s a place where Dane combines all his favourite things: classic men’s grooming, beer, surfing, skating, tattooing, motorbikes and old cars. With a strong community vibe and Dane’s industry knowhow, there was no better place for Uppercut Deluxe to celebrate the launch our Beard Balm. Check out the wrap up video below:  

  Created to keep even the manliest of men looking well groomed, Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm has just the right amount of control and moisture, reducing flyaways while keeping your style in place.

Using a combination of Beard Balm and Moustache Wax, Dane shaped and styled facial hair of all shapes and sizes on the night. No beard was too wild for the Beard Balm, proving its versatility as a styling product. Dane also cut some classic hairstyles, while a crowd of barbers and barbering students watched on. Once the beard trimming session was over the real party started. Stone Brewing and Libre Tequila provided drinks while a local DJ kept the crowd entertained with music.
Dane wasn’t the only Uppercut Deluxe Global Brand Ambassador in attendance; the Stopnik family, aka The Cycle Zombies, a brotherhood of motorcycle enthusiasts from California, came to show their support. Thanks to Eagle and Pig Barbershop, Oster Clippers, Bixby Combs and Richer Poorer, the event was a total success.

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