For those who Groom and Zoom.

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For those who Groom and Zoom:
An Ambassador Shoot with Uppercut Deluxe. What happens when you put some of the raddest, nicest and most down to earth guys we’ve ever met in a room together with a camera? This.
We are so stoked to introduce this little clip, produced for all the Groomers and Zoomers out there. If you haven’t already met them, meet Scotty, Turk, Chase, Taylor, Big Scott, Dane, JJ and Eric – otherwise known as the USA contingent of the Uppercut Deluxe family. Each one of these guys is a big part of what we do and each one rocks their own signature style.

This clip was filmed one sunny day a few weeks back in and around the SoCal area – between Dane’s shop (Eagle & Pig) in Costa Mesa, the Joker Bowl and along Pacific Coast Highway to San Onofre. We had no real plan for how the day would turn out – we just wanted to get all the guys together in one place, and try capture them doing what they do best – barbering, biking, skating and surfing. If there has ever been a clip that captures what Uppercut Deluxe is about more than this one, we’re yet to see it. The stoke is high.

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Uppercut Deluxe was birthed from the surf, skate and punk rock sub-culture that the brand’s founders grew up in. It was during the brands infancy that they coined the phrase “Groom and Zoom” A reference to those who; slicked back and skated, re-styled the quiff after a surf, rocked a pomp to the punk gig….You get the idea. Roll forward ten years and Uppercut Deluxe are lucky enough to call an extensive list of talented Brand Ambassadors family. Barbers, Surfers, Skaters and Motorcycle buffs: all of whom ‘Groom and Zoom.’ The starting point was Ambassador Dane Hesse’s 'Eagle and Pig' Barbershop in Costa Mesa. Dane, first on the scene, opens the shop door and reverses out his F100 to make room in the shop.
A handful of the Cycle Zombies lads make their usual raucous entrance as Scotty, Taylor and Big Scott Stopnik park up their custom built CZ steeds. They are quickly followed by Turk and Chase Stopnik who’ve opted for four wheeled transport. (Turk more out of necessity than choice, having had a motorcycle accident two weeks prior, breaking a number of ribs, his scapula and puncturing a lung) Eric Dressen and JJ Wessels arrive shortly thereafter to complete the So-Cal ambassador team. 

Eagle and Pig

Eagle and Pig Barbershop.

Eric and Bike

Taylor, JJ, Scotty and Eric car park hangs.The boys spend some time hanging in the car park, catching up, shooting the breeze and checking out one another’s rides, before they move inside Danes shop. Eagle and Pig Barbershop is a seriously cool space; a man-cave of epic proportions which houses skateboards, surfboards, cars, a bar and a assortment of other rad artworks and paraphernalia. Eric, Taylor and JJ all take their turn in the chair to get a signature Dane Hesse sharpen up. 

SCotty chilling

Scotty taking care of business.

Eric in the chair

Dressen freshly slicked.

JJ in the chair

JJ in good hands with Dane on the tools[/caption] With the grooming complete it was time to zoom. Next port of call was a session at the Joker Pool, named so because the owner Jake works for Jokers Skate Shop. Dressen, as always, was ripping. The others looked on in awe of his speed and style which hasn’t faltered over the years. Scotty and Chase Stopnik demonstrated their full extent of their talent. While most of us struggle to excel in any one pursuit these guys seem equally at home in a bowl, on a wave or in a garage building bikes. True Freaks of nature. 

Eric and Dane

Eric 5-0's over the death box, while Dane chills poolside.

Eric Bowl

A legend in his natural habitat.

Bean Plant

Stopnik show-down. Star of the show was undeniably Turk Stopnik. Defying doctor’s orders and common sense to cut a few laps of the bowl with his arm in a sling. In his condition a kick turn below the lip would have been impressive… Turk see’s your kick turn and raises you a hefty Indy Grab FS 50-50 through the corner, before quitting while he was ahead.
From bowl to beach, the boys hit the Pacific Coast Highway in convoy. Cycle Zombies clearing the path for Dane’s F100 and the rest of the entourage, bound for San Onofre. 

Power station

Scotty side swipe.


The Cycle Zombie Motorcade. Let’s say conditions were far from pumping, a 2 foot choppy wind swell if we are being generous. But eternal groms like JJ and Scotty rip in all conditions though and made the most of what was on offer. Both these guys surf with such style that the poor waves were soon forgotten. 

JJ Chilling

JJ easing into surf mode

JJ Reverse

Small wave styling

scotty hang 5

Scotty hangs five[/caption] Meanwhile the other boys chilled on the beach, kicking off a fire with any wood that Barstow (Turks loyal pooch) hadn’t already claimed as his own. The fire now blazing and the sun setting, a day in the life of those who ‘Groom and Zoom’ was done and dusted. An epic day with awesome people. Thanks boys. 


Chase, Scott and Turk and Barstow Stopnik

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