James Reichwein


James Reichwein, Aka 'Jimmy the Tulip', is a barber and Co-owner of Cut Throat Amsterdam and Good Vibes Only in Ibiza.

Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand Jimmy was an aspiring professional footballer before he discovered his love of the barbering trade and set up shop in his hometown. He made the move to Amsterdam in 2011 when his shopwas flattened by one of Christchurch's notorious earthquakes.

With nine years barbering experience under his belt, and a Dutch passport in hand, Jimmy set about looking for a job in an established barbershop but soon realised there were very few to choose from. So in true entrepreneurial spirit he started the original Cut Throat Amsterdam a four chair premises that they quickly outgrew. Fast forward a few years and Cut Throat Amsterdam, now located in the old Amsterdam Stock Exchange building, is now considered to be one of the premiere barbershops in the country. Instantly recognisable for its distinctive yellow brick archways Cut Throat embraces a mixed concept business model.

Everything you'd expect from a full service barbershop with the added benefits of a cocktail bar and cafe. Jimmy knew a good Barbershop experience starts with good cuts but also wanted to offer his clients more in the way of an experience and atmosphere and Cut Throat certainly delivers on all fronts.
Never one to take it easy, Jimmy has just opened his second Barbershop Good Vibes Only in Ibiza with business partner Rusty. The hard working Kiwi can be found cutting hair in both stores. If you're lucky enough to be in either location we strongly suggest you pay the guys a visit.. 

Signature Style:
Jimmy has a real eye for detail and his technical skill is awesome. He has the full bag of tricks that range from the classics to the more modern styles the European scene demands. To showcase his range Jimmy favours cutting anything modern that maintains an element of the traditional, easy throwbacks or modern tapers, you name it he can cut it.

Time with Uppercut Deluxe:
Jimmy and his team have been using the Uppercut Deluxe range for close to four years now and have been exclusively using Uppercut Deluxe products since becoming an Ambassador doorway.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
Jimmy says that he started using Uppercut Deluxe after a quick visit from his local rep, he used the product, loved it and the rest became history. He enjoys the complete offering of products that enable him to create a range of different styles that his clientele demands. “As a full service shop entire range of styling, wash, and shave products offer everything that we need to cater to our customers needs.”

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