Jim Buster Culling


Jim Buster Culling is a London based mechanic who spends his days spinning wrenches and tires, both at work and at play. A fanatic for all things motoring, Buster's true passion lies in motoring nostalgia and he has a very real connection with the US Hot Rod scene of yesteryear.

Find him:
Working on project cars and bikes in his hometown of Enfield, North London, or racing said projects at Santa Pod Raceway, a drag strip in Wellingborough, UK.

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About Buster:
Influenced heavily by the 1950?s Californian Hot Rod scene and the 60's-70's Muscle Car era, Jim has a genuine passion for the American classics, and it shows in not only his work and hobbies but also in his classic style; trading trainers for Redwing boots, and football jerseys for vintage bomber jackets.

Signature style:
The classically Californian short back and sides, which he styles with either Deluxe Pomade, Featherweight or Matt Pomade depending on the length of his hair at the time or the style he is shooting for.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
Buster truly embodies the notion of timeless style, his love of Motorcycles, V8's (In a country where they are very few and far between) and all things classic make him an easy fit with the Uppercut Deluxe brand.

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