1. Big Scott Stopnik
    Big Scott Stopnik
    One suave guy, Big Scott Stopnik is also a passionate motorcycle builder and proud family man.His custom bike builds have seen him recognised across the globe, and he's credited with teaching sons Scotty and Turk everything they know as well as passing on his love of two wheeled machines. Find him:Working in the Cycle Zombies garage with his sons, Scotty, Turk and Taylor, and nephew, Chase. Follow him on Instagram:@czbigscott Check out the website: Check out the blog:
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  2. Eric Dressen
    Eric Dressen
    A truly nice guy, and incredible skateboarder, Eric Dressen is an admiration to the Uppercut Deluxe team. His smooth skating style and timeless influence on the industry are simply awesome. Find him: Shredding it up in California, or touring the globe for skating and tattooing. Follow him on Instagram: @ericdressen About Eric:Eric was just eight years old when he started testing skateboards for his Dad and ten when he was first sponsored. He pioneered a distinctly smooth skating style and headed the development of bowl-riding in California. Skating for the last thirty years, Eric knows a thing or two about the industry. Given his legendary status, Eric's skateboarding
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  3. JJ Wessels
    JJ Wessels
    JJ Wessels is a Californian guy, amazing surfer, motorcycle enthusiast and an all round legend. Inspired by his father, he rides motorcycles, enjoys working with his hands, shaping surfboards and just having a good time. He's always been creative, with an interest in old things. Find him: When he's not chasing adventure, JJ can be found at the beach in California, surfing, shaping boards, taking photos, or doing something creative. Check out his blog: About JJ:At the forefront of the surf culture resurgence in the USA, JJ firmly believes in the lifestyle of surfing, it's not just a sport
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  4. Mason Dyer
    Mason Dyer
    Mason Dyer is a true DIY master, all while being one of the humblest guys you will ever meet. Based in Oceanside, California, Mason is a surfboard shaper, car tinkerer and clothing designer.Heavily influenced by the style and function of time gone by, he has a passion for shaping high quality custom surfboards and U.S made apparel. Find Him: Shaping custom surfboards, sorting through vintage clothing or working on his Model A Roadster. Follow Him on Instagram:@dyerbrand About Mason:He has more talent than you can poke a wrench/fin/sewing needle at. He runs his own business, shapes surfboards, collects WWII nostalgia and spends his downtime working on cars. Mason has
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  5. Matt Chojnacki
    Matt Chojnacki
    Professional surfer Matt Chojnacki, aka the Wax Head is a genuine surfing enthusiast, and long time friend of Uppercut Deluxe. Taking inspiration from his hot rods, custom cars and surf nostalgia, Matt enjoys laidback days surfing and doing up his cars, and with a nickname like the Wax Head, it's only fitting that he's all about slick hair. Find him:At home on Sydney's Northern Beaches, where he constantly appreciates and builds upon the surfing history of the area, and the legacy of those who've surfed before him. Follow him on Instagram:@thewaxhead Check out his Facebook:
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  6. Pat Capocci
    Pat Capocci
    Pat is one talented guy. If he isn't cutting at his barbershop in Freshwater, or surfing on Sydney's northern breaks, he's touring and performing at some of Australia's most iconic music venues. Pat has a musical style all of his own... well worth a look if he's touring near you. Pat's stage charisma and enviable talent make him one of the hottest properties in the southern hemisphere. An all round great bloke who is very much part of the Uppercut Deluxe family. Find him: He's originally from Maitland, NSW, but look for him performing regularly across Australia and beyond. If he's not on stage, he's behind the chair at his shop Flying Tiger Barbershop, in Freshwater NSW. Follow him on Instagram:
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  7. Scotty Stopnik
    Scotty Stopnik
    Coming from Huntington Beach, California, Scotty Stopnik is a motocycle fanatic and spends most of his time building, riding, and crashing two wheeled machines. While Scotty's passionate about surfing, skating and music, it's his love of bikes that's captured the world's attention. Find him: In his local, family owned Cycle Zombies garage at Costa Mesa, California. Follow him on Instagram: @scottystopnik Check out the website: Check out the blog:
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  8. Taylor Stopnik
    Taylor Stopnik
    Taylor Stopnik is the youngest member of the Stopnik clan, but don’t let that fool you – he’s well on his way to cementing his place as part of the Cycle Zombies crew. Coming from a family of creative and talented siblings, he is following in their footsteps on his way to creating his own iconic path in life. Find him: Tinkering away on his Shovelhead or skating around in Costa Mesa, CA Follow him on Instagram: @taylorstopnik Check out the website: Check out the blog: 
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  9. TJ Guzzardi
    TJ Guzzardi
    TJ Guzzardi is an incredibly talented artist who specialises in the old world trade of hand-painted sign writing and pin-striping. An old soul at heart who's work and personal style are reminiscent of a bygone era. Find him: Working in his studio in Tullamarine, Melbourne Australia. Follow him on Instagram:@tjguzzardi About TJ:TJ was 15 years old when he first picked up a paint brush, and after being inspired by the old-time lifestyle of his hot rod-loving family. Since then, TJ has worked tirelessly to master his craft, and he is now well known for his unique designs, artistic talent and commitment
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