Luke Dolan


Luke Dolan, owner of Luke's Barber Shop in North London and Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassador, is a master of traditional barbering and lives the BarberLife scene. He loves seeing the transformation of his clients and putting a smile on their faces.

About Luke Dolan: Luke started a hairdressing apprenticeship aged 17, preferring the more subtle environment of a barber shop he moved over to barbering shortly after and hasn't looked back. Having worked in various barber shops throughout North London Luke decided to open his own barber shop in April 2013. Having given a lot of thought to the design of the shop, and whether it should appeal to the cool kids or follow current trends, Luke made the decision and followed his own style that reflects his personality "shabby and worn like me!"
The result is a welcoming atmosphere that Luke himself enjoys hanging out in and of course has Uppercut Deluxe branding throughout. When Luke is not in the barber shop you'll often find he has swapped his scissors for his guitar and is practicing with his band, Brand New Zeros. An eclectic mix of genres, Brand New Zeros is the supporting act on Elvis Costello's tour this summer.

Signature style: Luke loves more traditional cuts and his favourite would be a ‘crisp, clean pomp’.

Time with Uppercut Deluxe: Luke began solely using Uppercut Deluxe products shortly after opening his own barber shop quite some time ago.

Why Uppercut Deluxe? Luke began solely using Uppercut Deluxe products shortly after opening his own barber shop having found that the alternatives didn’t measure up. Luke recognized Uppercut Deluxe as a global brand and loved the branding. He had often been recommended the products by other barbers and so set about making sure he had it in his shop.

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