Mini Styling Collection Part 3 - Matt Clay


Part 3 of the Uppercut Deluxe Mini Styling Campaign is here! In this 4 part series of short videos, a craft beer brewer, a letterpress pro, a sign writer and a boat builder all showcase their expertise and dedication to their crafts – traits identical to the passion and devotion of the best barbers the world over. For more info, please visit

Containing smaller, mini versions of our original Uppercut Deluxe styling tins, the Mini Styling Collection is the perfect travel or pocket sized accessory for each and every guy conscious of his style.  Uppercut Deluxe Mini Styling Collection

Uppercut Deluxe Mini Styling Collection. Together, these four guys represent everything the average Uppercut Deluxe guy is all about – confident, stylish and timeless as they provide an insight as to the importance of grooming in their everyday lives.  


This video features Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay and was filmed at Norman R Wright & Sons Boat Yard in Brisbane, Australia.   Matt Clay is an all round knock out. It grips and slicks short or long hair and effortlessly shapes just about any style. Its almost too easy. Best used to create short textured looks, or longer sweeping styles where ultimate control and precision are required. With a dry, re-workable finish, Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay is designed for the kinda guy who needs to know his look will stay safe all day and all night long. It's one of the more, perfect, gifts for men.

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