Uppercut Deluxe Introduces the Mini Styling Collection


We’re excited to bring you the latest addition to the Uppercut Deluxe range of styling products – Introducing the Mini Styling Collection

Uppercut Mini Tins Coming Soon

Boxed Set of Mini Styling Collection[/caption] Containing smaller, mini versions of our original Uppercut Deluxe styling tins, the Mini Styling Collection is the perfect travel or pocket-sized accessory for each and every guy conscious of his style. If you've been searching for the perfect gifts for men, the Mini Styling Collection makes the ultimate grooming gift; whether it's for Dad or your best mate.
They’re also the perfect introduction to the Uppercut Deluxe styling range allowing guys to experiment with each product before finding their own signature style. To coincide with the launch of the Mini Styling Collection, we have  brought together a group of four blue-collar types, whose everyday lives embody old world crafts and traditions that speak to the old world traditions of the barbershop.
In a series of short videos, a craft beer brewer, a letterpress pro, a sign writer and a boat builder all showcase their expertise and dedication to their crafts – traits identical to the passion and devotion of the best barbers the world over. Together, these four guys represent everything the average Uppercut Deluxe guy is all about – confident, stylish and timeless as they provide an insight as to the importance of grooming in their everyday lives. To check out the Mini Styling Collection in more detail, click here The first instalment of our awesome new campaign can be found by clicking here  

Uppercut Deluxe Mini Styling Collection

The Boat Builder.

Uppercut Deluxe Mini Styling Collection

The Signwriter.

Uppercut Deluxe Mini Styling Collection

The Letter Press Pro.

Uppercut Deluxe Mini Styling Collection

The Beer Brewer.

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