king cannons


King Cannons are a great band from Melbourne with a classic rock sounds that draws influence from The Clash and Bruce Springstein. Stylistically, King Cannons take a lot on board for one record – especially a debut. ‘Stand Right Up’ dabbles in gospel (at least via the rock tradition), while other tracks are as likely to adopt a reggae crackle (‘Charlie O’) as a Johnny Cash country vibe (‘On Our Own’) or a socially aware, Billy Bragg-like stance (‘Everyman’s Tale’). If ‘Shot to Kill’ and ‘The Cool Change’ are thick with platitudes, these guys know their way around an anthem too well to be sunk so easily.

Besides, their everyman appeal is part of the band’s DNA – from the Bob Seger-isms of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ to the total Tom Petty chorus of the name-checking tour of New York City that is ‘Call for Help’.

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