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In the words of the brand's 'spiritual founder' Willy ‘Uppercut O’Shea’  “A hard beginning maketh a good ending.”

It is the truth behind one of Uppercut Deluxe's most familiar and longest-standing statements which started the thinking for the 2017 Wash Range video. Taken literally, the statement might imply that washing your hair is hard… Its not, we know that, but it did get us thinking...

The truth is that everything worth doing requires attention to detail, commitment to purpose, and all parts of a process play a role in determining the end result. This is definitely true of the fact that well washed and conditioned hair will result in a better end style. In a nutshell 'Style Requires Substance' which also seemed like a fitting name for the video.

We knew we had an awesome range of products, what was less clear was how we would feature them in a rad looking lifestyle video. Lets be honest, the literal approach of showing a lathered-up man in the shower  just wasn't our thing.  So we embraced Willy O'Shea's words of wisdom and took a more metaphoric tact, focussing on the value of 'process'.

Our video was shot with the legendary crew at Tradition Tattoo in Brisbane Australia, and follows a day in the life of resident Tattoo Artist Scott Shannon. We see Scott setting up his tools and inks and sketches as he does every day in his work routine. Methodical, intentional yet seemingly without effort.  Throughout the video we cut back to Scott's home environment which reflects a similar methodical approach to his grooming routine,  of which shampoo and conditioner play a vital part.

tradition tattoo Uppercut Deluxe

We'll leave you to draw the parallels between the two settings, so kick back and enjoy the video.  And if you need some damn great new wash products, look no further, just click here

Hair Cut and Styled by Todd Page

Music "Captain Bruce" by Los Laws  

Our New Wash Products

  • Everyday Shampoo –  a light lather formula infused with liquorice and menthol to invigorate both the hair and the scalp for fresh clean ready to style hair.

  • Everyday Conditioner – a light hydrating product infused with olive leaf extract, formulated to gently moisturise and protect the hair, without the heavy weight of traditional conditioners.

  • Degreaser – a revolutionary men’s hair product, specially formulated to take on the toughest of build ups in men’s hair. It offers ultimate removing power for styling products and other daily grime.

Want to get the most out of your look? Add our new Wash Range to your grooming routine. "Style Requires Substance."

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