Christmas Comes to Uppercut Deluxe


For some, Christmas is the ultimate excuse to take some time off work, kick back, hang out, see friends and family, skate, surf, eat, drink and generally up the merriness. For others, Christmas is just another day of hard work. Our 2016 Christmas campaign is dedicated to those who don’t get to experience the traditional ‘kick back n’ relax’ fairytale Christmas. In particular, this campaign is dedicated to the plight of the struggling musician - the man who has nothing to rely on but his talent and his sense of timeless style. The man who spends Christmas touring, separated from his family and friends, but does it because he knows he has to suffer for his art.

We couldn’t think of anyone who inhabits this lifestyle or emits a sense of timeless style more than Yes Sir Noceur band member Rory Switzer. He stands for those of us who live life on the road. Who struggle. Who sacrifice. Who live for art and know that success doesn’t come easy.

Upcoming for Christmas in the Uppercut Deluxe Universe

Whether you spend your Christmas on the road or at home, we’ve got the products you to keep your style sharp. Even if you loathe Christmas, you are sure to love what we’ve got in store for you this festive season, including:

  • Special offers

  • Product discounts

  • New how-to tutorials

  • The launch of our brand new product: Matt Pomade

And more. Much, much more.

Christmas Gifting

Want to start exploring potential gift ideas early? Our range of accessories, apparel, and wash / shave / style products are the perfect gifts for men who like an uncomplicated, harmonious routine and a sharp appearance.

Gifts for men US

Gifts for men UK

Gifts for men AUS

Stay tuned as the Christmas countdown begins.

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