Uppercut Deluxe launches in Canada


Uppercut Deluxe is delighted to announce that we have recently started selling in Canada!

Recently Uppercut Deluxe found a new home in Canada with Kadence Distribution (www.kadencedist.ca) (which means quality gifts for men are never too far away).
To support the launch we partnered up with Crows Nest Barber shop in Toronto to give out free haircuts for the day and also a grip of Uppercut Deluxe Pomade. Video by www.rouseandfable.com

We caught up with Crows Nest owner Jon Roth to ask a few questions about his take on barbering in Canada. Check out the Crow's Nest shop here www.crowsnestbarbershop.com or go find their shops in Toronto and Hamilton.
Jon Roth grew up in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, and has been involved with the skate/snow scene since the late 80’s.  
A few years back, Jon decided he wanted to learn how to cut hair, and eventually opened up his own shop in Toronto, Ontario. Crows Nest Barbershop quickly grew out of its first location in Kensington Market, and moved into a larger space across the street. The new shop now has 6 chairs, is open 7-days-a-week, and is one of the coolest, most influential shops in Canada.
How long have you been on the tools?
Depends on whether or not you count me cutting hair in whistler bathrooms and kitchens or when I got trained in shop... 7 years I think since it became a real thing.
What was it about barbering that caused you to learn the trade?
Everything! I love, literally, everything about the trade. I love the work, the smells, the people, the styles, the products, the tools, the aesthetic, the history, this list could go on a while.
How many shops do you have and where are they located?
We have two shops. One in Kensington Market in Toronto and one on Ottawa st. in Hamilton, Ont.
What is it about barbershops that make them so unique?
The ones that stand out, would be passion, honesty, dedication, customer service, fun, etc. They're all unique in their own way but that stuff makes a shop stand out to me.
What influences your shops/barbering style?
Tough one. Although I've never been, my fiancé once said "you should bring elements of Cuban/deco style into the shop". I have always been drawn to that aesthetic from the dress to the architecture... So I ran with that comment and probably ran a little too far! Hahaha!
Why Uppercut Deluxe?  
What is it about the brand that keeps you stoked? 
The product is sweet and people really like it. Plus y'all are good dudes that understand what it's all about.  
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