Uppercut Deluxe Returns to Roots with Barbering School Sponsorship


Pioneers in men’s grooming Uppercut Deluxe will ensure the barbering trade stays strong and authentic long into the future with a pledge to support the London School of Barbering.

Uppercut Deluxe, formed in Australia by two passionate barbers in 2009, keeps men across the globe looking sharp with its range of quality hair and grooming products. Steve Purcell and Luke Newman, Uppercut Deluxe’s co-founders, are thrilled to give back to the trade that inspired their brand with this ongoing commitment to support the London School of Barbering. “I owe my friendships and my career to barbering, I owe everything to it really,” explains Purcell, who did his barbering apprenticeship in the nineties. “I love seeing kids coming up and getting a passion for it now, because when I started nobody really even knew, or cared about, what it was.”
“Today, young barbers are seeing the trade for what it is, which is thousands of years of tradition, and that is something Uppercut Deluxe is so proud to be a part of.” The London School of Barbering is a unique training institution, which focuses on barbering and teaches students a blend of both traditional and modern techniques. The sponsorship deal will see the school stocked with a range of Uppercut Deluxe’s products including its signature waxes – Pomade, Matt Clay, Featherweight and Monster Hold. Purcell says with these fine products at their disposal the young British barbers are set to master the trade, and Uppercut Deluxe will be there every step of the way to lend its support. (check out Uppercut Deluxe's site to find products like these to buy for yourself or give as gifts for men in your life). “Our products can help create the style a man wants,” explains Purcell. “For a good style you need a good barber, and good product.”
“Being a barber is all about technique, it is about men’s styles, there’s a whole heap of styles and barbers need to learn them all to the best of their ability.” “Because men’s styles are short there is no room for error, it comes down to the millimetre, and these young barbers are learning to understand that.”

Uppercut Deluxe decided to partner with the London School of Barbering due to its unrivalled standards of barber training and ability to get students from around the world job-ready as barbers. The London School of Barbering is proud to partner with Uppercut Deluxe because of its revolutionary hair products and commitment to advancing the modern male grooming industry. Every man who visits the academy for a haircut will walk out looking great with Uppercut Deluxe product in his hair. The sponsorship is the first step in the UK Uppercut Deluxe Education Partnership Programme, which aims to support barbers at the start of their career, whilst promoting brand loyalty and advocacy.

For more information please contact - Uppercut Deluxe: uppercutdeluxe.com +44 (0) 2380 865906 Email Here.
London School of Barbering: www.londonschoolofbarbering.com +44 (0) 207 404 0998 Email Here.

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