Uppercut Deluxe Welcomes George Coady


Introducing George Coady

Uppercut Deluxe's are proud to formally introduce our most recent recruit, George Coady, to the team of Global Barber Ambassador's

Hailing from Birmingham in the UK, George graduated from school with a keen interest in art, style and fashion but lacked a clearly defined career goal.  (Certainly not an uncommon scenario amongst  school leavers.) Throughout his youth George regularly visited a local barber to maintain his staple slick back style and grew fond of the trade. At the time however, the only way into barbering was through Hairdressing training colleges, and frankly, that wasn't the golden ticket George had been searching for. Whilst biding his time and paying the bills with some time working retail, George noticed the Barbering industry gaining rapid momentum. It wasn't long before local colleges clued on to the industry boom and began to offer a Barber specific training course. He enrolled immediately and began his path to becoming a barber. Colleges at the time were still very salon focused, and still relied heavily on more classic hairdressing techniques. Not ideally what George had signed up for but skills that would equip him with as a technically proficient barber down the track.

He carried out his barber training at a number of different shops, learning as much as he could from a variety of different barbers. A staunch user of Uppercut Deluxe products himself; George would often sneak tins of our product into shops that carried competitor brands. When the shop owners weren't looking he would style his clients with a sneaky scoop of Uppercut Deluxe.

With a growing reputation for quality work ,it wasn't long until George grabbed the attention of Matt Toller, owner of Folsom Barber Club in Solihull. He was offered a job and soon found himself at home among a team of like-minded barbers, who were not only talented, but also shared Georges creative passion for art, music, tattoo and skateboard culture.

Having only been behind the chair for roughly 5 years, George is the youngset of the Uppercut Delue ambassadors but displays a talent beyond his years. Cultivated through hard work, and hunger to learn and a keen eye for detail and creativity.

Expect to see a lot more from George Coady in the near future including a range of How To Instructional videos launching in the coming months.

Welcome to the team George.


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