Uppercut Deluxe Welcomes Mason Dyer


You may already recognise him as the man in the Model A Roadster from the Matt Pomade Campaign, but allow us to formally introduce you to the latest edition to the Uppercut Deluxe Family,  Mason Dyer!

Matt Pomade Campaign

Mason is a Delaware-born dapper gent who has more talent than you can poke a wrench/fin/sewing needle at. You see this multi-talented guy is a business owner, surfboard shaper and clothing designer who spends his downtime building cars, surfing and collecting WWII Nostalgia. A true master of DIY and one of the most humble guys you will ever meet.


Mason's love affair with surf and surf culture started at a young age when his Father first pushed him into waves on America's East Coast. At 14 he worked in a surf shop and cut his teeth as an apparel buyer, and it was here that he developed a keen interest and appreciation for the clothing industry. A skill that would serve him well in later life.


During college years he grew tired of spending hard earned dollars on surfboards so he turned his garage into a shaping bay and taught himself the art form. By his own admission his first shapes were rougher than hessian underwear but they were crucial to his learning curve.


Fast forward several years, and some time at the helm of Lifestyle Brand ,Captain Fin Co, and Mason now owns and operates Dyer Brand. Based in Oceanside CA, Dyer Brand produces high quality custom surfboards and a boutique range of U.S made apparel, heavily influenced by the style and function of WW11 era clothing. Mason really doesn't do things in halves, he creates his boards from the ground up, hand shaping the blanks, glassing, shaping fins and finishing/sanding the boards. This same work ethic is applied to the Dyer Brand Apparel also. Aside from stitching the garments himself Mason owns every step of the process from sourcing fabric, creating templates, drawing graphics and designing the prints.


But his real passion (If he had to pinpoint one)? Cars! More specifically pre 1960's Hot Rods. Mason's Father and both of his Grandfathers were car fanatics and their influences were certainly not lost on him. When Mason first made the move from East Coast to West at 19 he embarked on his first project build, a 1968 Cutlass and subsequent projects include 28 Model A Ford, 27 Model T Ford, 56 Chevy Pick Up ,and 48 Ford Coupe. That's a whole lot of rad to squeeze into an otherwise busy schedule, and yep you guessed it, he built them all himself.


Everything Mason does draws inspiration from the craftsmanship and quality of yesteryear which he combines with modern day functionality. That's something that can't be forged, it's been learnt, practised and developed through trial and era, and hard work! And that is what makes Mason such an amazing fit for the Uppercut Deluxe brand.


Uppercut Deluxe Welcomes Mason Dyer from Uppercut Deluxe on Vimeo. Welcome to the family Mason.

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