Uppercut Deluxe Welcomes TJ Guzzardi

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We’d like to welcome our first official lifestyle ambassador for 2017… TJ Guzzardi! For anyone not already familiar with him; TJ is a Melbourne-based artist. His craft? Traditional sign writing (think barbershop signs from the 1950s). Along with his wife L’Amour (a burlesque dancer and costume designer) and two kids, TJ spends most of his time at his Tullamarine studio, where he creates custom designed lettering and hand painted vintage-style signs for all kinds of clients - cafes, bars, tattoo parlours and, of course, barbershops.

TJ first picked up a brush at 15, after being inspired by the old-time lifestyle of his hotrod-loving family. Since then, TJ has worked tirelessly to master his craft, and he is now well known for his unique designs, artistic talent and commitment to hard work.

TJ Guzzardi

His medium? Well, TJ can turn anything into a piece of art. In fact, council collection is his favourite time of year, because it's when he finds the majority of his canvases. Motorcycle helmets, rusty saws, wooden boards, suitcases, milk jugs… anything with vintage appeal. And, of course, he is also well versed in more traditional work like pinstriping cars and bikes.

TJ Guzzardi

TJ has been a friend of the brand for years, painting interest pieces for events and promotions and he recently featured in the Mini Styling campaign video. We thought it was about time we officially welcomed him into the Uppercut Deluxe family as a full-time lifestyle ambassador, so you can expect to see a lot more of him and his craftsmanship from now on.

TJ Guzzardi Uppercut Deluxe

We love TJ’s work, his appreciation for everything timeless, his commitment, his style and, let’s face it, his incredible moustache. TJ takes an old craft and infuses it with a modern sensibility - much like the ethos of the Uppercut Deluxe brand - and we can’t think of anyone better than TJ to represent the Uppercut Deluxe lifestyle.

TJ Guzzardi

Welcome to the family TJ!  

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