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  1. Style Requires Substance - Uppercut Deluxe Wash Range Video
    Style Requires Substance - Uppercut Deluxe Wash Range Video
    In the words of the brand's 'spiritual founder' Willy ‘Uppercut O’Shea’  “A hard beginning maketh a good ending.” It is the truth behind one of Uppercut Deluxe's most familiar and longest-standing statements which started the thinking for the 2017 Wash Range video. Taken literally, the statement might imply that washing your hair is hard… Its not, we know that, but it did get us thinking... The truth is that everything worth doing requires attention to detail, commitment to purpose, and all parts of a process play a role in determining the end result. This is definitely true of the fact that well washed and conditioned hair will result in a better end style. In a nutshell 'Style Requires Substance' which also seemed like a fitting name for the
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  2. Easy Hold Combo + Duo Kit Launch
    Easy Hold Combo + Duo Kit Launch
    Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold Our brand new Easy Hold is the lightest product in the Uppercut Deluxe styling range. It is specially formulated to give light hold and a natural, matt finish. To make your grooming routine as simple as possible, Easy Hold is now available as part of a Combo Kit or Duo Kit. Easy Hold Combo Kit This kit is a m
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  3. New Combo and Duo Kits Available
    New Combo and Duo Kits Available
    New Uppercut Deluxe Combo and Duo Kits Our all new Combo and Duo kits have landed and are available to purchase right now. If you’re looking to stock on your favourite grooming products then you simply can't beat the value offered in these Kits. Buy before the end of the month to take advantage of our the free shipping offer as well. Combo Kits cover all your basic grooming needs and offer your choice of preferred styling product with our new Everyday Shampoo, Everyday Conditioner and a CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb. Duo Kits offer you choice of styling product paired up with our newly formulated Everyday Shampoo. Both Duo and Combo Kits are available with your choice of the following signature tins: Deluxe Pomade, Featherweight, Matt Clay, Monster Hold, Matt Pomade and the newly launched Easy Hold Limited stock available so get in quick
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