• How to Style: Structured High and Tight with Parting
    How to Style: Structured High and Tight with Parting
    The Structured High and Tight with a Parting is a classic look for the modern man. Slightly shorter, with more structure and rigidity than other traditional styles, this is an undeniably classic look with everyday wearability. A truly classic cut, with everyday appeal. This style involves keeping one side of the hair tight and parted, whilst the quiff, when set, remains combed through, firm and set in place. The hair is perfectly styled with Monster Hold. Monster Hold offers brutal hold that won’t let you down throughout the day, whilst its re-workability is a bonus for this style as it allows the user to re-style and tidy up the hair throughout the day. Check out this step-by-step guide to nailing a Structured High and Tight with a Parting
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  • How to Style: Classic Slick Back
    How to Style: Classic Slick Back
    The Slick Back is a well-aged classic. The Classic Slick Back has been the style of the choice for the refined gentleman since the 40’s, when every bad-boy Hollywood star rocked one. It’s still as relevant as ever. A Slick Back requires precision, both in the initial haircut and the style. A comb is a must when styling a Slick Back, and there’s no product better for this classic than Deluxe Pomade. This product is the natural partner of the slick back as it offers the shine and hold required for the style to hold fast and shine strong throughout the day. Likewise, Deluxe Pomade easily conquers the often-difficult problems that the natural flow of the hair can create. Check out this step-by-step to master the Slick Back in your own home.
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  • How to Style: Faded Curly Top
    How to Style: Faded Curly Top
    Pairing a tight fade with a Curly Top brings out the best in the curls whilst ensuring that the features of the hair are highlighted rather than hidden away. The mid fade will provide the shape that highlights the features of the curls and the addition of Easy Hold will create a shape that compliments the natural shape of the face. Curly hair has often been one of the more difficult types of hair to tame and to get looking sharp. Luckily, with a good cut, and this how-to-style, you’ll have all of the know-how to tame the mane.
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