Shane Nesbitt

Shane Nesbitt is the owner and Sole Proprietor of Shane's Barbershop in San Mateo California.

Now a licensed Barber for 12 years, Shane originally started out as the owner and operator of a record store in Burlingame, San Mateo. After a few years of operation, Shane saw a decline in the industry and sought a trade to fall back on. Always intrigued by the banter of the Barbershop, and a self-confessed critic of his own Barbers work, Shane briefly considered a life in the Barbering Trade before waking up one day and saying: "I want to be a Barber." The rest is history.

Renowned as THE Barbershop in the Bay Area, Shane's Barbershop is full service shop with an extremely loyal customer base. Shane caters to a diverse range of customers and has created a niche business by opening some crazy hours to cater to his clients busy schedules. Sometimes opening the shop as early as 4.30 am A visit to Shane's Barbershop serves as a good insight into Shane's personality and passions in life. His love of: skateboarding, graffiti, straight razors and tattoo culture won't go unnoticed.

Time with Uppercut Deluxe:
Since early 2014

Signature Style:
Throughout his apprenticeship Shane worked predominantly with an African American clientele, so course hair fades soon became a specialty. Shane’s skill and technical style soon extended across full range of traditional cuts, and he now professes to locve cutting anything classic.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
Shane was introduced to the brand through friends in the UK who encouraged him to give the product a try. He did and loved the range. Equally as important to Shane was the lifestyle element of the brand which closely mirrored his lifestyle and passions. A short time after discovering Uppercut Deluxe, Shane was approached by  Dane Hesse (Aka Pig Barber) who contacted him about being a Global Brand ambassador. The choice for Shane was an easy one to make.