Tommy J

Tommy J, of the famous Hair by Tommy J in the inner-Sydney suburb of Redfern, is all about the barbering lifestyle.

To him, it's more than cutting hair, it's about creating a way of life. About Tommy J: Starting his career as a barber at just 14 years of age, Tommy J had a driving passion to offer an experience for his customers, and not just a haircut. The vibe he's created in his Sydney barbershop is relaxed, and somewhere you'd want to go and walk around, not just sit in the chair. Tommy recalls spending nights sat outside other barbershops when he first started out, just so he could soak up the vibe and admire the technique of other more experiences barbers. What he learnt during that time helped him create a barbershop that's somewhere guys want to go to hang out, a shop that offers a more personal service, an aspect that's often forgotten in today's industry.

Signature style:
Tommy J loves a good skin fade. Any kind, really: skin fade with a pomp, skin fade with a side part, or a skin fade with a middle part. Anything that’s right down to the skin.

Time with Uppercut Deluxe:
Tommy’s been using Uppercut Deluxe in his shop since 2012.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?
"When I started using Uppercut Deluxe, it made barbering fun again,” he says. “Not only does it smell fantastic, but the ease and capability to make new rad styles out of it are great. It has diversity, and it’s easily some of the best stuff I’ve ever used."