Barbers of the Month: Basement 68 barbers


Basement 68 Barbers

Leeds, UK

Instagram handle:

How would you describe your shops vibe?
Relaxed, friendly and entertaining

What's your favourite Uppercut Deluxe product?
Matte Pomade and Easy Hold

Favourite artist to spin in the shop?
We have such array of clients we try to make it so there's a bit of everything for them really RADIO 6 ticks all the boxes and the music is very and easy listening.

What products do you use the most?
Matte Clay - Guys always want the Matte look 

What's your favourite style to cut?
Creating new styles for people, the traditional short back and sides gets mundane so having to do different stuff is always good to do.

Best tip for someone visiting your area?
Check out the city and night life, Leeds is ever growing with new bars nearly every month.

What's your favourite shop (other than your own)?
Figaro's - Lisbon