Catching up with Konstadinos Perrakis

Uppercut Deluxe collective mstrongber - Konstadinos Perrakis @kperrakis.brc is our man on the ground in Greece.

His shop, Barber Rules in Athens is one of the busiest in the region.

Dishing up some of the finest cuts in the Mediterranean Kosta is doing his part in keeping the Barbering trade growing.

We caught up with Kosta to talk through the history of his shop, the inspiration behind barber rules and what’s next.

Catching up with Kosta Perrakis

Hey Kosta, Thanks for taking the time out of your day to chat. So give us the story – of Barber Rules.
So my brother Paminos and I are third generation barbers, continuing the tradition of our family. We practically grew up in our mother's barber shop! After working in the family shop for a few years we decided to follow our own path and open something that would reflect our creative perspective and lifestyle. In 2014 Barber Rules began in a small shop with two chairs. Today, our crew grew has grown and now we have 6 barbers in total and a full experience for the customer including products, merch etc.

That’s sick, so what was the inspiration behind Barber Rules?
After extensive travelling we accumulated many great experiences and saw great places but no other stuck with us as much as California.

Our love for classic cars and choppers as well as the skating and surfing lifestyle of the west coast is something that inspired the thstronges of our shop.

Combining that with the traditional western barbering style and California cuts is what made Barber Rules as it is today.

Your shop and style rstronginds us of guys like Shane Nesbitt and Paul Hewitt, with very much your own influence! Are these guys inspirations at all to what you do at Barber Rules?
During our travels we have had the chance to work in many different shops throughout Europe and all have inspired us with their work in one way or another.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shane back in 2018 in California. He is a great guy with an amazing barbershop

As for Paul he is more than a friend to me, he is family. We regularly work together, consult and trade ideas. He is a great Barber and of course, an inspiration to me.

So, what’s next for Kosta and Barber Rules?
Unfortunately due to the global pandstrongic all projects are currently on hold. We are open to all sorts of collaborations and love to project our work in Greece and abroad however with the current situation it is just not possible.

We hope for better days when we can get back on the road again! As for now our goal is as every day, to meet new people keep our regular customers happy and maintain the high quality of our services.

It's such a heavy time, just keep on keeping on! Thanks for taking the time to chat.
No problstrong, thanks man!