Loose Throwback on Curly Hair with Mikal Zack

When Steve Purcell, Uppercut Deluxe founder was visiting the Uppercut Deluxe Californian office, the stars aligned.

Mikal Zack was wanting to grab a beer and Colin Whitbread was looking to go for a few waves. But before we could have that fun, we had to put them in the spotlight and film a Captains Chair.

Maybe it was the excitement of getting into the surf, or the promise of a crispy Coors Light at the end of the session, but we skipped a few steps and checks which led to a little technical difficulty. The result is some scratchy and not so nice audio. But how often do you get these two in a room with a camera?

We decided that this video is better to go out into the interwebs than sit on a hard drive gathering virtual dust. If you can get past the scratches and catches, Mikal and Colin spin some yarns and have a great time.

In the How To, Mikal gives Colin a Loose Throwback. This is a perfect cut for a guy with Curly hair wanting a more traditional style. The said person with Curly hair might not think that they can pull this haircut off, thinking that the curls are too hard to contain, but they just haven’t used Monster Hold before.

Monster Hold is a traditional wax-based Pomade designed to have a heavy and strong hold. This is an extra powerful sweat resistant wax that was created especially for traditional or bolder styles that require a little extra hold. Being wax based, this product is reworkable throughout the day to make sure your hair sits exactly right.

Word of warning though, Monster Hold isn’t exactly easy to wash out. In fact, it is designed to not wash out with water alone. So, you will need to be prepared with Detox and Degrease Shampoo to remove the product as well as Strength and Restore Conditioner to restore your hair with all the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy.

Want even better results when you are styling, follow Mikal's tip and use Foam Tonic before blow drying to encourage the hair to sit. Foam Tonic will not only add some gentle grab in the process, but also protect the hair from the heat from the blow dryer.


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