Defined Curls with Skin Fade with Denny Nolan

In the next instalment from the Captain’s Chair, Denny from Bare Bones Barbershop steps up to show us his take on cutting curly hair.

Denny is the local barber for many of the staff from HQ, so we thought it was only fitting for him to make a guest appearance behind the chair.

There’s no getting around it, crazy, wild, curly hair is hard to manage and maintain. Our advice for the average patron– embrace the curls and pair them with a tight fade.

If you ate all your crusts as a kid and you’ve got a curly mop unfortunately there aren’t a lot of options in the hair styling department, defining them is the best bet. Pairing this with a nice clean fade, the result is a fuss free way to make sure your client is looking their best.

Curly hair takes some real skill to cut, so tune in and learn from one of the best.

In this How To, Denny makes use of a new addition to the styling range – Foam Tonic. Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic works as a curl booster thanks to its light hold properties. This product can be used to help define and emphasize curls while taming fly away and adding a healthy shine.