Electric Chair Education with Ron Talley

Earlier this week we did an education with Ron Talley at Electric Chair Salon in Ocean Beach, Ca. Electric Chair has a cool, eclectic vibe with loads of art hanging on the walls. It has a distinct artsy atmosphere that you can feel right when you walk through the door. The team there was very excited to have us, and they were eager to hear what our guy Ron Talley had to say. 

Ron started off by giving some background info on the brand and talking about how he became involved with Uppercut Deluxe. Basically, one day he slid into Shane Nesbitt’s DMs and the rest is history (you can ask him yourself for the full story). Ron mentioned how he was drawn to Uppercut because they offered a full range of products for everything he needed as a professional. He transitioned into the demonstration where he was going to be showing the class how to cut a Side part with a low skin fade.

One thing that Ron is always very clear about when he educates is that there is no one “right” way to cut hair. Everyone cuts differently based off what works for them. That tends to be a freeing thing for people to hear. Ron took them through his steps and his methods and answered all sorts of questions along the way. In the end, there was a gentleman who had just received the best cut he’d ever had, and a room full of professionals with new knowledge to take back to their shops.

We love these opportunities to get in front of our accounts and talk to them about the DNA of our brand. We were founded by barbers, for barbers and these educations are a special way to give back to the barbering community that brings us all together.

Man getting haircut at barber

Barber delvering training

Barber styling hair

Barber Delivering Training

Group of barbers

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