Feathered Mullet with Todd Page

Mullets are pretty out there. One thing is for sure though, they are really popular at the moment – you could nearly call them mainstream. Long and flowy or short and tight, mullets can come in all shapes and sizes.

This particular example, cut by Todd Page of Seven and One Barbershop, is something else. Fully textured and faded, this cut would is a mullet that stands out from the crowd. But that’s why we love it – mullets are supposed to be loud and out there.

To texturize the hair, Toddy takes his tool of choice – the feather razor. Feather razoring was immensely popular in hairdressing in the late 90’s an early 00’s but has since fell out of fashion. It’s slowly becoming a relevant skill again, but for most barbers it is still foreign. Though, Todd has proved that it is a handy skill to get a standout result.

When it comes to styling, Todd lets this haircut speak for itself. He emphasises the natural movement of the hair with the enhanced texture from the feather razor and adds a few pumps of Foam Tonic before bringing the hair to life with a hairdryer.