Featured Style: Long Hair Slick Back

If you’re rocking some lockdown induced length, but are still looking for a style that is clean and tidy, look no further. 

For men with longer hair one of the easiest options to stay in control is slicking your hair back – it’s quick, easy and the result is sure to impress.

Check out this example from Uppercut Deluxe Founder and Barber, Steve Purcell. Steve locked this style into place using Deluxe Pomade.

Uppercut Deluxe Long Hair Slick Back

Achieving this style is relatively simple;

  • Start with freshly washed hair, give it a thorough towel dry
  • Take a generous scoop of Deluxe Pomade and work it through your hair
  • Using your CB11 Rake comb, work the comb over your head, starting in the middle and then working to the sides
  • Add more Pomade to wrangle any fly aways if necessary

While it may be daunting for men, long hair is remarkably versatile. The perfect product for slicked back looks relies on the desired end result.

You can opt for a tight, tidy and professional look by using a high shine product, like Deluxe Pomade. For a more casual matte look with all the control, Matte Pomade makes a great choice.

Alternatively, on the weekends, for instance, you might like to (literally) let your hair down. For times like this, we recommend giving your hair a generous coating of Salt Spray for relaxed control and light texture.


You might be wondering what a Pomade even is. A Pomade is a pretty broad term to describe men’s hair styling products, though it normally is constrained to products that offer strong hold and work best when combed. Traditional Pomades, like what your Grandfather might have used, are generally wax based. However, thanks to modern technologies, Water based Pomades are now far more popular due to them being easier to use and remove. Now Pomades come in all shapes and sizes, offering a range of hold and shine – there is something out there for every style imaginable!

Deluxe Pomade was born in the barbershop, created out of a desire for something more. If you are used to using gel or a putty, Pomade may be a little tricky at the start, but once you have the hang of it, the results are worth it.


  • Start with freshly washed hair – a clean head of hair is much easier to style!
  • A little goes a long way – start with a fingernail sized scoop and add more Pomade as necessary
  • - Dry hair, dry hands – Deluxe Pomade will have the most hold when applied to dry hair
  • Comb it through – to avoid ‘clumping’ run a comb through your hair to evenly spread the product.