Featured Style: Short Textured Quiff

The Short Textured Quiff is the staple of the everyday guy. Commonly requested as a ‘Short Back and Sides’ in the barbershop, a Short Textured Quiff is an evolution of the standard short back and sides, adding another dimension to the style. 

If you’re looking to change things up a little, but aren’t wanting to change your look completely, ask your barber for a Short Textured Quiff, instead of the mundane short back and sides.

Check out this example of a Short Textured Quiff by Chris Brownless of North West Barber Co. Chris has styled this cut with Featherweight

Uppercut Deluxe - Short Textured Quiff

Featherweight is one of the most diverse men’s hair styling products on the market – it’s incredibly easy to use and produces a fantastic result every time.

Being a fibre paste, Featherweight is pliable paste with plenty of tack. These elements help the product add volume and texture to your hair, without weighing it down. Featherweight will add all the hold that you need to keep your style looking dialled, topped off with a nice natural shine.

Styling a Short Textured Quiff is as easy as it gets. There are three simple steps to follow – scoop, spread, style, but let’s break it down a little further.

Before styling, give your hair a wash using Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner. Having freshly washed hair will make styling your hair much easier and the product will perform far better. 

Once out of the shower, give your hair a thorough towel dry. The drier your hair is before applying the product, the drier the finish will be.

Next, take a fingernail size scoop of Featherweight from the tin and evenly spread it across your hands.

To apply the product to your hair, thoroughly rub your hands through your hair. Work in all directions to ensure an even spread.

Next, take your CB11 Rake Comb and comb your hair forward, working from your crown to fringe. Tidy any hair around the sides and back as needed.

To obtain the quiff, comb your fringe back at an angle.

Your hair should now be in its overall shape, the next step is perfecting the detail. Using your fingertips pick and pinch at sections to ‘piece out’ the style and emphasis texture.

Once finished, you should have the perfect Short Textured Quiff.




Rake Comb