How to Style: Loose Quiff

A great Loose Quiff relies on a clever cut from your Barber. This style relies on having enough length in the fringe to obtain some height and lift to easily recreate the Quiff at home. To make sure your Barber nails the cut, it's best to show him a photo of exactly how you want your hair to look.

A Loose Quiff is the perfect cut for a guy that likes to keep their hair neat and tidy, but with the flexibility to dress the style up or down.

Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight is perfectly matched to a Loose Quiff. Featherweight is a light paste that has plenty of tack, which makes it perfect for creating volume and lift in styles that need a boost. Topped off with a low shine, Featherweight is perfect for creating textured, pieced out styles like a Loose Quiff.