Introducing the Limited Edition Pink Matte Pomade Collection

Pink Motel Skate Banner

Welcome to the Pink Motel

Drenched in sun, swathed in pastels, and home to an iconic empty fish-shaped pool in the back lot.

The renowned Pink Motel has been cemented in the minds of skaters for over 3 decades.

The nostalgia built by a classic 80’s skate movie about a brigade of young skaters driven by a spirit of fun. The group stumbled upon a gem in the desert, an empty pool and the warm hospitality of a silver pompadoured motel owner.

The Motel is a pilgrimage site of sorts, not just with skaters, but with anyone with an affiliation for mid-century design and the freedom the open road promises.

A legendary snapshot in time, a pink survivor, and a road less travelled
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