Look & Learn: Eagle & Pig Barbershop

Uppercut Deluxe is a family. And damn, didn’t you all show up for lunch!
300+ people for a Look & Learn in Costa Mesa, on a Sunday was an amazing turnout.

Barbers; Steve Purcell, Shane Nesbitt, Sean 'Spanky' Caudill, Ron Talley, Mike 'Pugsly' Conti, Mikal Zack, Emiliano Zermeno and Dane Hesse did the commute into Orange County the Saturday evening prior, all gathering in a local dive bar. High-fives! Handshakes! Countless hugs! Spirits were at an all-time high for the next days festivities - and also what was potentially the first time the entire crew had been partnered together in one room before, let alone workshopping a free-to-the-public educational event for budding barbers and hairdressers.

Sunday was an absolute blast with an eclectic mix of barbers, friends, family, Uppercut ambassadors, tattooists and industry types all mingling with the general public. The photobooth was in a whir; as the crowd took advantage of the takeaway prints whilst consuming plated tacos and enjoying an endless supply of drinks and tunes. An impromptu acoustic set by San Diego’s Francis Blume perfectly closed out the afternoon - satisfying those who had spilled out into the carpark surrounding Eagle & Pig, to relish in the final hours of a stunning Southern Californian summer sunset.

Thankyou everyone for the support. Big love to the entire blue-collar barbering community. Thanks for being a part of our ride.

Now to plan for the next one...