Modern Textured Quiff With Fade - How To Cut

Generally regarded as a hybrid style, the quiff takes inspiration from more traditional 1950’s styles like the pompadour, the flat top and in some instances the mohawk.

The quiff by simple definition is hair lifted upwards and backward from the forehead. As the style evolved over the years the length on the top of the head was counterbalanced with a short fade around the base of the head. In this particular example of the quiff features a short length of textured hair throughout the top section giving the hair a spiky finish. Easy to style and maintain, the Textured Quiff is a go to style for many none fuss groomers.

Watch Ambassador Shane Nesbitt as he demonstrates his take on this popular style. Shane breaks down the fade into three key sections rather than working around the head he isolates the fade throughout one temple, then works on the back of the head and neck, before completing the fade on the opposite temple.  Using clipper over comb technique Shane then blends the fade into the top section of hair which he then points cuts to create the texture throughout the quiff.

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Wholesaler Application

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