North: The Continuing Journey

We sat down with Uppercut Deluxe CEO, Kiera Purcell for a history lesson on the highly regarded 'North' fragrance and its resurgence in the new Aftershave Cologne.

"Our new Aftershave Cologne has an amazing backstory. Whilst it's brand new, the fragrance itself was originally hand crafted by master perfumer: Jonathon Midgley - who I met early on in the Uppercut journey. He had worked with some incredibly impressive brands with the rare gift of a tremendous nose for making complimentary blends.

Johnathon Midgley

Jonathon was the epitome of a mad scientist! As I entered his lab I was instantly greeted by a black cat with crystal green eyes. The walls were stacked floor to ceiling by paper-labelled amber bottles. A steel door lair located in the middle of the city - yet hidden away from prying eyes. I just couldn't make this stuff up! We gave him full creative license to develop something truly unique. And how we ended up with 'North' - a fragrance which become a cult favourite.

North Fragrance
As you can imagine, we're incredibly excited to have the North fragrance back with us after several years in the form of our new Aftershave Cologne!," Kiera said.

About Aftershave Cologne

Uppercut Deluxe Aftershave Cologne

Uppercut Deluxe Aftershave Cologne is a long-lasting fragrance featuring our sought after ‘North’ blend; a masculine mix of woody base notes and fresh hints of citrus. With a low alcohol content, Aftershave cologne is a low irritant formula, ideal for sensitive skin.

Contains the original and sought after 'North' fragrance. Includes a mild astringent for post shaving.