Skin Tapered Throwback - How To Cut

How to Cut: Skin Tapered Throwback

No it's not a reference to your Thursday Instagram post; the Skin Tapered Throwback is an evolution of the timeless classic we all know and love as the Slick Back.  Modernised and adapted the world over by talented barbers like Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador James Reichwein.

Worn looser, with more texture and volume than its traditional counterpart, the Throwback requires precision scissor work through the top section of hair to ensure it sits naturally when swept back .  Technical clipper work is then needed to then tie the top section into the sides and complete the cut.

James aka 'Jimmy the Tulip' is as technically skilled as they come, watch as he pairs this throwback with a beautifully mastered Taper that he takes down to the skin.

We're sure you'll enjoy the master class in How To Cut and style this modern-classic.

Easy Hold

Why choose Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold?  Change is the only constant. And while we all have our own traditions, routines and favourites when it comes to hairstyles the movement towards looser and more textured looks can not be ignored.

Whether its creating looser finishes to your favourite traditional styles or the ability to create more of the modern emerging styles Easy Hold is the go to solution.

True to its name this product is easy to apply and delivers a low hold solution to a wide array of styles in all hair types and lengths. Making it a valuable addition to the back bar in any barbershop of a fuss free grooming solution to the everyday guy.

Developed for over two years in close collaboration with the global network of Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassadors, the result is an extremely versatile product that offers huge styling potential in a wide range of hair types and lengths. But don't take our word for it check out their testimonials in the Sizzle Reel below.

Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold features and benefits include:

  • Water-based, making it easy to wash out
  • Light hold with grip, ensuring styles are long lasting
  • Natural woody tobacco scent
  • Creates volume and texture
  • Natural, weightless and matt finish with no shine.
  • Suitable for all hair types and lengths, and found to be particularly effective in thinner hair types
  • Smooth creamy texture allows for easy application
  • A user-friendly product for the experienced user or the new groomer.
  • Applicable to wet or dry hair and can be styled with either comb or fingers.