Tapered Short Back and Sides - How To Cut

This is an all-time classic. The Tapered Short Back and Sides is often overlooked as commonplace, but it’s a style that only the best of the best can do real justice. Likely because it takes a certain level of confidence to sit in the chair and ask for it.

There are so many things to get right and a lot of techniques involved to make a this cut look great - the length on the top has to be just right, the hairline strong & the comb-work exceptional.

We know it's not easy, so we’ve tried to help just a little with this video tutorial. George Coady, has mastered this classic cut & given it a new lease on life.

While it may not be the easiest to cut, with the help of Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold this style is a simple one for your client to replicate daily. The extra powerful wax gives all day hold, showing off your handy work and will keep the client looking sharp.