Time Well Spent: Niklas Söderlund

Photographer, tattooist and explorer, Niklas Söderlund is one interesting guy.

Born in Sweden, Niklas grew up exploring the forest and lakes that surrounded him. From his early age, he always had a spark for adventure.

A creative at heart, Niklas is inspired by music, movies, art and photography. However, Niklas found his real passion in drawing, which lead him into a career of tattooing. In his spare time, Niklas began experimenting with a camera, quickly falling in love with the art. As his interest in photography grew, Niklas moved to Iceland is pursuit of the rain, fog and wild weather. 

Now, Niklas spends every spare minute of his time exploring the rough and ruggered landscapes that Iceland has to offer, in his Land Rover Defender capturing unique and awe inspiring images along the way.

We were lucky enough to hang out with him for a few days to see what he gets up to.

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Man photographing waterfall

People working on car

Jeep in a snowfield

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