Uppercut Deluxe at the Hooligan Hoedown

For the second year in a row, Uppercut Deluxe sponsored the Iron and Resin Hooligan Hoedown fall campout. This year, the campout was held at Camp Scheideck located in the beautiful Los Padres National forest in Maricopa, CA.

After setting out at the crack of dawn, we met up at the Eagle & Pig Barber shop in Costa Mesa before setting out on a beautiful ride up the coast to Maricopa via Costa Mesa.

We arrived with plenty of daylight left to set up our campsite and get our pop-up barbershop running before groups of thirsty travellers started to trickle into the site from about three o’clock, on motorcycles, in trucks or riding whatever other means of transport they’d managed to scrounge up for the day. It didn’t take long after the necessary leg stretches and quick drink for the crowds to get straight into the hooligan shenanigans! They kicked things off with mini mike jousting, which we decided should definitely be an Olympic sport. From there they moved on to a few other hoedown-esque games with some epic prizes up for grabs.

The sun went down as it always does, which meant it was time for dinner and the lighting of the campfires. Of course, the pop-up barbershop was also open for business! As always, there was quite a waiting list of guys in line to get a fresh cut from the Pig Barber. The night rolled on as the bands took to the stage, and some great music added a finishing touch to a great night in an old saloon. The Hooligan Hoedown was an amazing event that Uppercut Deluxe was stoked to be a part of, and we want to give a big thanks to Iron & Resin for making it possible and for the support of all the other sponsors. Thank you to all you hooligans we met at the event and we hope to see you next year! You can also check out the recap video on the Iron & Resin website.