1. How to Style: Structured High and Tight with Parting
    How to Style: Structured High and Tight with Parting
    The Structured High and Tight with a Parting is a classic look for the modern man. Slightly shorter, with more structure and rigidity than other traditional styles, this is an undeniably classic look with everyday wearability. A truly classic cut, with everyday appeal. This style involves keeping one side of the hair tight and parted, whilst the quiff, when set, remains combed through, firm and set in place. The hair is perfectly styled with Monster Hold. Monster Hold offers brutal hold that won’t let you down throughout the day, whilst its re-workability is a bonus for this style as it allows the user to re-style and tidy up the hair throughout the day. Check out this step-by-step guide to nailing a Structured High and Tight with a Parting
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  2. How to Style: Classic Slick Back
    How to Style: Classic Slick Back
    The Slick Back is a well-aged classic. The Classic Slick Back has been the style of the choice for the refined gentleman since the 40’s, when every bad-boy Hollywood star rocked one. It’s still as relevant as ever. A Slick Back requires precision, both in the initial haircut and the style. A comb is a must when styling a Slick Back, and there’s no product better for this classic than Deluxe Pomade. This product is the natural partner of the slick back as it offers the shine and hold required for the style to hold fast and shine strong throughout the day. Likewise, Deluxe Pomade easily conquers the often-difficult problems that the natural flow of the hair can create. Check out this step-by-step to master the Slick Back in your own home.
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  3. How to Style: Faded Curly Top
    How to Style: Faded Curly Top
    Pairing a tight fade with a Curly Top brings out the best in the curls whilst ensuring that the features of the hair are highlighted rather than hidden away. The mid fade will provide the shape that highlights the features of the curls and the addition of Easy Hold will create a shape that compliments the natural shape of the face. Curly hair has often been one of the more difficult types of hair to tame and to get looking sharp. Luckily, with a good cut, and this how-to-style, you’ll have all of the know-how to tame the mane.
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  4. How to Style: Messy Quiff
    How to Style: Messy Quiff
    The perfect cut styled for the contemporary man. The Messy Quiff was a 2000’s staple that has stood the test of time and becoming a classic for guys of all ages. With the right cut, a Messy Quiff is easy to style and wear throughout the day. It has a rebellious feel to it, whilst it also does the job in the office, or down the pub. This is what Featherweight was made for. With lower shine but a strong hold, Featherweight’s light sheen won’t take away from the messier aspects of the style, whilst offering a firm hold that will keep its shape. Best of all, Featherweight doesn’t ‘set’ like other more traditional products, so the hair can be touched up throughout the day so that it stays looking sharp, but messy and care-free. Check out this step-by-step guide to perfecting a Messy Quiff
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  5. How to Style: New Wave Mullet
    How to Style: New Wave Mullet
    This one isn’t for the feint hearted. A totally unique style drawing inspiration from the iconic haircut of the 80’s and seamlessly merging it with a Textured Crop creating a modern approach to an old-school classic, that some would rather forget. This look couples perfectly with Styling Powder, which provides texture, volume and a slight matte finish. The end result still looks natural as the product provides hold and texture but offers no shine. For this look, styling power will simply exaggerate the texture and the natural flow of the hair. In this ‘How-to-Style’ we’ll be showing you how to create a truly stand-out look and ensure that you can replicate that straight out of the chair look every day.
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  6. How to Style: Textured Crop
    How to Style: Textured Crop
    This Textured Crop is an ultra-modern take on the traditional French crop. The low fade used in this style offers more overall shape, whilst the blunt fringe breathes heaps of personality into the style. This is a perfect style for the fashion conscious, or the guy who wants a more laid back and casual style for everyday wear. Naturally paired with Easy Hold, use of this product will give just a small amount of hold whilst ensuring the hair remains natural looking. Easy Hold provides the texture required to make sure the top of the hair doesn’t look flat or lifeless. Check out our step-by-step guide to the Textured Crop to get that style on point, day in, day out.
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  7. Barbers of the Month: East Hill Barbershop
    Barbers of the Month: East Hill Barbershop
    Location: Pensacola, Florida  Website: [email protected] Instagram handle: @easthillbarbershop How would you describe your shops vibe? East Hill is an unrestrained, traditional neighbourhood barbershop. Both our barbers and our clients have contributed to our Pensacola Punk Rock TGI Friday’s shop aesthetic. The only thing more eclectic than the objects on the walls are the conversations in the chairs.  What’s the most popular cut in the shop? The classic side part but the bowl cut is really making a comeback! What is the favorite Uppercut Deluxe product? Currently, the Styling Powder is at the top of our list.  What product
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  8. Barbers of the Month: The Barbers Bru
    Barbers of the Month: The Barbers Bru
    Barbershop: The Barbers Bru Location: David St, Albury Instagram handle: @thebarbersbru How would you describe your shop’s vibe?  We’re a modern contemporary feel shop with old school skills and values. We pride ourselves on an upbeat man cave vibe.  What’s your most popular cut at the moment?  The most popular cut now is definitely a skin fade with beard line out and taper (where applicable)
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  9. Barbers of the Month: Castro's Barbershop
    Barbers of the Month: Castro's Barbershop
    Barbershop: Castro’s Barbershop Location: Bermondsey, London Website: Instagram handle: @castrosbarbershoplondon How would you describe your shop’s vibe? Old school vintage industrial appearance with the warmth of a family and an eclectic mix of music, art and style. What’s your most popular cut at the moment? Razor fade side part and textured crop. What’s your favourite Uppercut Deluxe product? Deluxe Pomade because I can create vintage styles with the effect of old school oil-based pomades but with a clean, modern, oil free application. What
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  10. House of Seven Barber Battles
    House of Seven Barber Battles
    On Monday, the 13th of January 2020, JamgleJam, the Uppercut Deluxe official distributors in Japan had the pleasure of attending and exhibiting at this years House of Seven Barber Battles. House of Seven Barber Battles saw barbers gather from all over the world for a series of education showcases, brand exhibits, music & the highly anticipated World Barber Classics to crown the 2020 Barber of the year. World Barber Classics barber battle saw regional winners from all over Asia come together to compete for the world title. Barbers are judged based on their cutting, presentation & styling skills that are best suited to their customer. Uppercut Deluxe would like to extend a huge congratulations to all barbers who participated in the World Barber Classics, see you in 2021! Photos: @yuumurata
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  11. Bush Fire Appeal
    Bush Fire Appeal
    Uppercut Deluxe’s motherland, Australia is in the midst of a crisis. The fires have taken a devastating toll on the land, people and wildlife The scale of the devastation caused by the fires is difficult to comprehend. The wildfires have so far burned more than 12 million acres, they have killed at least 24 people, and nearly 2000 homes have been destroyed. In New South Wales alone, the fires have killed nearly 500 million birds, reptiles and mammals.  As an Australian company, it’s heartbreaking to hear the stories of those affected. To help do our bit, we’re running a limited shirt available for Pre Order. All proceeds from t
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  12. Cry Later
    Cry Later
    Cry Later, a short film by Mark Choinere, features Gold Coast bike builder, Cohen Arthur. Cohen is the lifeblood of the Gold Coast chopper scene. Cohen has been wrenching on vintage Harleys from a young age. He learnt everything he knows from his dad, Big Lloyd. With the help of his best mate and established photographer Timo 'Tigerblood' Caraco, Cohen made a name for himself in the global Chopper scene. Within two years, Cohen's best mates, Lloyd and Timo passed away. Despite the adversity, Cohen's drive and ambition never ceased. Cry Later ft Cohen Arthur b
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