1. Franck's Fight Wrap Up
    Franck's Fight Wrap Up
    On Saturday 9th February 2019, Uppercut Deluxe hosted a memorable charity event in aid of The Grand Appeal. Having a loved one diagnosed with cancer puts everything into perspective. The Uppercut Deluxe family was devastated when close friend, Paul Hewitt, found out his son, Franck, had been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. As soon as news reached Uppercut Deluxe, a plan was formulated to put together an event that celebrated everything that Franck loves, raise some money for The Grand Appeal and deliver a hefty blow to cancer. In the legendary House of Vans venue, under Waterloo Station, a close-knit community of skaters, punks, barbers and an assortment of life’s good people gathered together to put on a fundraising event to remember. The event was split into differ
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  2. Pop Up Barbershop | House Of Vans Sydney
    Pop Up Barbershop | House Of Vans Sydney
    House of Vans returned this year in Sydney hosting an awesome event at COMMUNE showcasing like-minded brands, drinks and bands and the chance at skating through an indoor custom-built skate ramp. During the day Uppercut Deluxe had the pleasure of coming on board and hosting a pop-up barbershop within the hustle and bustle of the market stalls offering customers the chance to get tidied up! From 10am the door saw a line that stretched down the block of eager skaters who were lining up to see what House of Vans had install for them. Then, from 11 the custom-built skate set-up was full of skaters ranging from beginners to the man himself, Tony Alva rolling the course. Venturing upstairs all stalls were busy, and the Pop-Up barbershop was quick to book their entire day out before lunch time! Tommy
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  3. How to Style: Texturised Messy Look
    How to Style: Texturised Messy Look
    Want to nail that fresh out of the Barber shop look? Check out this step-by-step guide to nailing the Texturised Messy Look. In this demo we use Easy Hold in dry hair, helping to create a natural matte finish. Easy Hold is one of the most versatile products in the Uppercut Deluxe line. Easy Hold is a favourite amongst our Ambassadors as a prestyling or blow dry through product. Though in this How-To we cover off how Easy Hold can be used to cr
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  4. The General by Vans, Crowsnest and Friends Barbershop
    The General by Vans, Crowsnest and Friends Barbershop
    Throughout the cold winter months in Brooklyn, New York, our friends Crows Nest Barbershop, led by Uppercut Deluxe Ambassador Jon Roth hosted a pop up Barbershop in The General DQM by Vans. The Vans DQM General, first opened in September 2011 in a landmark building in New York’s historic SoHo district, represents the bringing together of two iconic groups – the Dogtown crew and the New York crew. The store presents the very best of Vans, thoughtfully curated in a custom built, boutique environment The popup  Crows Nest Barbershop hosted barbers from all over, dishing out tight cut to visitors from far and wide. The popup was a celebration of the Barber trade with mu
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  5. Uppercut Deluxe at Architects SSE Arena Wembley
    Uppercut Deluxe at Architects SSE Arena Wembley
    On Saturday, Uppercut Deluxe partnered with some of the biggest names in alternative music to host a pop-up barbershop at the Architects show at the SSE Arena, Wembley. Barbers prepped, ready to deliver a series of fresh cuts to band members, crew, friends and family so that everyone was ready for the show, and ready to head bang. Luke Hallows of Black L’amour in Brighton, and Connor McLeod of Goodman’s barbershop, were the barbers who stepped up to the plate.  The dudes quickly showed their skills of the trade, smashing out cuts for the infamous Sam Carter and Caleb Shomo, to be seen by a crowd for 10,000 alternative music fans. Architects delivered a set full of their trademark anthemic songs, both heavy and melodic in equal measure. So, whilst Uppercut Deluxe handled things backstage, Architects, Beartooth & Polaris delivered so
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  6. Win a Talking Head Ring made by REPOP MFG
    Win a Talking Head Ring made by REPOP MFG
    Want the chance to win 1 of 10 Talking Head Rings made by REPOP MFG?  Simply purchase a Talking Head Tee by the 9th of February to go in the draw.
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  7. How to Style: Traditional Side Part
    How to Style: Traditional Side Part
    Want to nail that fresh out of the Barber shop look? Check us this step-by-step guide to nailing a Traditional Side Part. In this demo, we use a cocktail of Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold and Featherweight, a favourite trick of our Barber Ambassadors. Easy Hold works as a great prestyling product due to its hold and creamy base, fast drying base. This means that your hair will hold in place throughout your Grooming routine, keeping it ready to be finished off with your favourite Water based product.
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  8. Which Tin Do You Need?
    Which Tin Do You Need?
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  9. Francks Fight
    Francks Fight
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  10. 2018 Wrap Up
    2018 Wrap Up
    The past year went as fast as it came. From Groomed Gorillas to Cheesy Pizza, 2018 had it all and everything in between. Most importantly for us at Uppercut Deluxe, 2018 was marked 10 Years of Staying Power, 10 years since the first tin of the signature Deluxe Pomade was poured and what a ride it’s been. We’re stoked on the year that was, and all of them before. Thanks to the continued and ongoing support - without the Barbers putting hair on the floor, and dudes getting in the chair, we couldn’t do what we do. Check out all of the highlights from 2018
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  11. Electric Chair Education with Ron Talley
    Electric Chair Education with Ron Talley
    Earlier this week we did an education with Ron Talley at Electric Chair Salon in Ocean Beach, Ca. Electric Chair has a cool, eclectic vibe with loads of art hanging on the walls. It has a distinct artsy atmosphere that you can feel right when you walk through the door. The team there was very excited to have us, and they were eager to hear what our guy Ron Talley had to say.  Ron started off by giving some background info on the brand and talking about how he became involved with Uppercut Deluxe. Basically, one day he slid into Shane Nesbitt’s DMs and the rest is history (you can ask him yourself for the full story). Ron mentioned how he was drawn to Uppercut because they offered a full range of products for everything he needed as a professional. He transitioned into the demonstration where he was going to be showing the class how to cut a Side part with a low skin fade. One thing that Ron is always very clear about when he educates is that there is no one “right” w
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  12. Barbers of the Month: Teddy Edwards Cutting Rooms
    Barbers of the Month: Teddy Edwards Cutting Rooms
    Location: Seven Dials, Brighton & Hove Station Website: Instagram: @teddyedwardsbarbers How would you describe your shop’s vibe? An open and inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcome. We deliver a professional service in a relaxed manner, while ensuring our customers all receive the same quality of attention every time. Oh, and loud music! What’s your most popular cut at the moment? We get a massive cross section of people, so hard to say exactly. A big recurring theme though, is strong, slick, structured styles depending on direction. T
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