How to Style: Blunt Crop

The Blunt Crop is an ultra-modern take on a standard Crop. The distinguishing feature of a Blunt Crop is the straight edged fringe. This style of Crop is great for the guy who is looking for something quick and easy to maintain.

The Blunt Crop is perfectly paired with Uppercut Deluxe Styling Powder to achieve a natural, textured look. Styling Powder is designed to add volume and texture to all types of hair, with ­flexible hold offering a natural finish.

Check out this step-by-step guide to nail a Blunt Crop

Instructions. Step 1. Thoroughly towel dry hair. Ensure the hair is dry all the way through to the roots. Step 2. Apply a small amount (two or three shakes) of Styling Powder directly to the hair. Step 3. Push the hair backwards against natural growth pattersn to increase the texture and volume.

Step 4. Apply more styling powder. Aim to lightly cover the enture head. Step 5. Work the sides down in preferred direction. Step 6. Begin to flatten the fringe with spread fingertips, pushing it down towards your forhead. Remove any volume in the fringe so it sits flat.

Step 7. Twist and pull to piece out sections of the frings. Remember that when styling the frings, it isn't supposed to be a perfectly straight line, it should have texture throughout. You're good to go.