Wavy Hair Curtains with Denny Nolan

Take a quick scroll through your socials and you’ll quickly realise how popular the Curtains hair style is for men.

The style first gained popularity in the 90’s when it was rocked by the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt.

With the current fashion trends taking inspiration from 90’s grunge, it’s not a surprise that guys are looking back for hair inspiration too.

‘Curtains’ refers to the hair being parted in the middle with the fringe left to hang either side of the face, framing the face like curtains do a window.

Curtains is a carefree style that suits a tonne of hair types and face shapes. Straight or curly, round or square, chances are curtains will work for you.

This style requires a around 4-6 inches in length on the top and for the best effect the sides should be cut down to an inch or two in length.

With Curtains being a near constant request in the Barbershop, the Captain Steve Purcell invited Denny Rik from Barebone’s Barbershop to take us through his approach to a Curtain’s haircut.

With a tonne of natural wave, plenty of length and a subtle cow lick, our model for the day had the perfect hair for Denny to work his magic.

In this How to Cut and Style, Denny opts to use Foam Tonic to style. Foam Tonic gives a light hold with a natural, yet healthy, shine. This is Uppercut Deluxe’s take on an old school barber classic. Foam Tonic is all about adding life to your hair with minimal effort.

A few pumps of the foam scrunched into the hair, gently styled and left to air dry will have your curtains primed and ready to go.

The beauty of this style is that it can worn how you like it; if you need a bit more control Easy Hold is a go to or if you want some more volume, Styling Powder is a great option. Find out what works for you, and don’t look back.