Our Favorite Hairstyles & Haircuts

Choosing a new hair style can be a daunting task.

If you ask us, there’s nothing much better than a fresh haircut. Well maybe one thing, a fresh style.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, checkout this guide for our favorite men’s hairstyles.

For this guide, we’ve collated men’s haircuts from our barber network that spreads across the globe, from timeless classics to modern looks, there is something for everyone!

Next time you visit your barber, be sure to take a photo of the haircut you like, ask if it will suit your hair type and face shape and of course, ask him to style it with Uppercut Deluxe!



Featured Style: Curly Side Part


Cut by Vinny Richards

About the Curly Hair Side Part: This style is a mix of traditional modern. Learn to love your curls and rock them as they should be,or lay them down with some pomade when you need to look your best.

What to ask for: Talk to your barber about how high you want the taper, where you want the parting to sit and how much length you want left on top.

What to style it with: For the messier look, you’ll need Foam Tonic and maybe some Easy Hold if your hair is a bit stubborn. To dress it up, take your pick of Deluxe Pomade or Matte Pomade.

Tapered Curly Hair Throwback - Front

Cut by Denny Rik

About the Tapered Curly Hair Throwback: This is style is all about emphasizing the curl, while keeping it under control. A classic cut for men with curly hair, this style is sure to impress.

What to ask for: Ask your barber to keep length in the top with a low taper, starting with a 1, around the ears and neck. Maintain the weight and body through the sides to help keep the flow through the cut.

What to style it with: For a light hold, use Foam Tonic or for more hold, use Deluxe Pomade.


Natural Quiff Image

Cut by: George Coady

About the Natural Quiff with a Skin Fade: The Natural Quiff is an easy to maintain, easy to style and versatile haircut. This stule suits many face shapes and hair types, making it a great choice for guys wanting a safe choice. If you like, stand out from the crowd with a Skin Fade.

What to ask for: Ask your barber to keep a bit of length on top, but to texturize the hair so you can maintain a nice natural look, finished with a mid skin fade.

What to style it with: To achieve this finish, it will really depend on your hair type and personal preference. To keep the look natural, stick to a low shine product like Easy Hold, Matte Pomade, Styling Powder and Clay.


Uppercut Deluxe Natural Pomp

Cut by Mikal Zack

About the Natural Pomp: The natural pomp is a great hair cut choice if you are looking for a safe and easy cut. This is an everyday haircut for a low fuss guy for a guy that likes to keep things simple.

What to ask for: Easy to ask for and hard to get wrong, this is a simple short back and sides with a bit of lift in the fringe some added flair.

What to style it with: Keep it simple and style with Styling Powder – just shake and rake!

Tapered Slick Back

Cut by Ryan Smith

About the Tapered Slick Back: This is a classic men’s hair style popularized by the movies stars of the 50’s. In this example, it’s worn a little looser and with some volume to personalize the style.

What to ask for: Ask your barber for a slick back (if they don’t know what that is, you might be in the wrong place). Ask them to keep the length all over but to taper it around the sides so you can keep it nice and clean.

What to style it with: For a slick back, you can’t go wrong with Deluxe Pomade! Prefer a more natural finish? Give Matte Pomade a go.


Cut By Chris Brownless

About the Brush Back: A Brush Back is a great option for men with wavy or unruly hair that can be hard to control. This style keeps a classic shape taking it’s origins from the old school slick back but allows for some added texture and a more modern finish.

What to ask for: Tell your barber that you are wanting to push your hair backwards and wanting to maintain the flow and natural movement of the hair. Ask for a natural taper starting at a two blade.

How to style it: To maintain a natural finish, use Foam Tonic. Apply a few pumps of Foam Tonic, spread it through the hair, then take a hairdryer and direct the airflow backwards, using a Vent Brush to direct the hair into place.


Classic Hard Part

Cut by Steve Purcell

About the Classic Hard Part: A side part is a traditional men’s hair style that has been worn since the mid 1800’s! Spruced up and modernized, this example is a variation of the side part, where an angled part line is added to make the hair style really pop.

What to ask for: Ask your barber for a side part, but to shave in the part line. IF you’re wanting something a little more unique, ask for the part line to be angled back towards the crown.

What to style it with: This style takes a little bit of finesse, so we suggest pre styling with Foam Tonic, before locking it in with Deluxe Pomade.


Cut by Denny Rik

About Defined Curls with a Skin Fade: This cut is all about balance, letting the curls do their thing on top, while keeping the fade tight and tidy.

What to ask for: Tell your barber that you want to keep the curls natural on top, and cut to your liking, and pair it with a high skin fade.

What to style it with: To enhance the curls, there are few better products than Foam Tonic. Apply a few pumps of Foam Tonic to the hair, and then use a hairdryer with a diffuser to set in place.


Uppercut Deluxe - Loose Throwback

Cut by Callum Francis

About the Loose Throwback: This is a slick backs more casual cousin. Requiring a bit of length, the hair is brushed backwards emphasizing the flow and movement of the hair.

What to ask for: Tell your barber that you are wanting to keep the length and like to wear the hair loose. Ask for the edges to be kept soft and for some added texture to the style.

What to style it with: This will depend on your hair type and how much control you need, but Salt Spray, Easy Hold or Matte Pomade are great options.


Long Trim Pompadour with Jelly Roll

Cut by Wez Jones

About the Long Pompadour with Jelly Roll: This style is straight out of the 50’s, worn by greasers, rockers and the Teddy Boys of the UK. The Long Pompadour and added Jelly Roll is a style for a guy wanting to stand out from the crowd.

What to ask for: Before you even step into the Barbershop, do some research and make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing, cause this cut takes a bit fo skill. Ask your barber to keep it long, square off the neck line and grease it up for the full effect.

What to style it with: There’s nothing better for a Long Pomp and Jelly Roll than our traditional wax pomade, Monster Hold.


Side Part

Cut by Connor McLeod

About Skin Fade Side Part: The Skin Faded Side Part is a modern take on the humble combover. Without a doubt one of the most popular men’s hair cuts, this style is a safe bet.

What to ask for: Every good Barber will have this one in their tool kit. Make sure you let the barber know how high you like the fade and help them out by showing any troublesome points in your hair growth pattern.

What to style it with: A side part can be styled with a variety of different products. For a Classic high shine look, opt for Deluxe Pomade. For something more casual, give Matte Pomade a try.


Uppercut Deluxe Modern Slick Back

Cut by Jordan from Welcome to the Barber Club

About the Modern Slick Back: One of our all-time favorite styles. This men’s haircut is as timeless as it gets. Relatively easy to style, versatile and just darn cool. You’ll need at least 4 inches on hair on top to get the hair to sit just right, so be patient!

What to ask for: Ask your barber to keep the hair nice and long on top, a soft taper on the sides and at the neck.

What to style it with: For best results, style with either Deluxe Pomade for high shine or Matte Pomade for a dry finish.


Uppercut Deluxe - Textured Mod Cut


Cut by Callum Francis

About the Textured Mod Cut: Birthed by the English Mods in the 60’s and popularized by the Gallagher brothers of Oasis, the mod cut is a quasi-bowl cut but with a bit of extra flair. This is a great cut for someone wanting to rock a casual ‘just woke up like this’ style.

What to ask for: This one is a little tricky, so definitely take a photo in to your barber for reference. Ask to keep a bit of length, especially around the ears and to texturize all over.

What to style it with: Styling Powder is the perfect product to add volume, texture and hold to the cut.


Traditional Side Part

Cut by Chris Brownless

About the Traditional Side Part: This classic men’s combover is a hard one to beat. Worn by men from all works off life since the early 1900’s, this is a style that can be worn everywhere from the bar to the boardroom.

What to ask for: Every good barber will have this one locked down. Ask your Barber to maintain the length on top and follow the natural part line of your hair. Pair it with a taper or fade depending on your preference.

What to style it with: You can do no wrong with Deluxe Pomade, but if you are wanting a more casual finish, Matte Pomade will do the trick.


Uppercut Deluxe Textured Pomp

Cut by Steve Purcell

About the Texture Pomp: This is a modern take on a timeless classic. Another great choice for a guy wanting a classic style, but with a more contemporary style. Worn best with a nice fade or tight taper.

What to ask for: Ask your barber to keep the length up front, adding some texture and to blend it down through the sides and back.

What to style it with: You really want to emphasize the texture in this cut but also need a bit of extra hold, so Featherweight or Clay make great styling options.


Skin Faded Textured Quiff - Uppercut Deluxe

Cut by Callum Francis

About the Skin Faded Textured Quiff: One of the more popular men’s hair styles at the moment, the Textured Quiff is all about a no fuss look that can fit in anywhere. Best worn with a skin fade to accentuate the texture in the quiff.

What to ask for: For this style, ask your barber to take the fade up nice and high keeping it tight. Get your barber to texturize the top, while maintaining length in the fringe.

What to style it with: Featherweight is the perfect styling product for this cut. It will add lift, enhance texture and give a natural shine while providing all day control.


Faded Bed Hair haircut styled with Uppercut Deluxe Clay

Cut by Todd Page

About Faded Bed Hair: This style is all about getting the ‘just woke up like this’ style without looking like you’ve put no effort in at all. A great option for a guy wanting a casual style without any fuss.

What to ask for: Ask your barber to do a low fade on the sides and with a soft blend. Request some extra texture on top, keeping the hair around 2 inches in length.

What to style it with: You can use a variety of products to get this look, all coming down to preference. But if you want something with plenty of hold while keeping a nice matte finish, look no further than Clay.


Blunt Cop - Uppercut Deluxe

Cut by Mikal Zack

About the Blunt Crop: Blurring the lines between a classic crew cut and Caesar cut, The Blunt Crop is a simple looking style that adds edge and individuality.

What to ask for: Nailing this style is all about the fringe, ask your barber to box out the entire fringe without taking off too much length. Pair it with a fade on the sides.

What to style it with: Keep it simple for this cut, a light dusting of Styling Powder is all you need!


Side Part Pomp

Cut by Brandon Castadali

About the Side Part Pomp: One of our all-time favorites, one that James Dean would be proud of. The Side Part Pomp marries the traditional side part with a pomp to add volume to the fringe to ensure you stand out from a crowd.

What to Ask for: This is cut is a little more technical, so be sure to show your barber a picture a photo of what you’re wanting to achieve. Make sure they leave some length in the fringe to achieve the pomp and taper it around the edges to maintain a clean finish.

What to style it with: Depending on the occasion, you could dress the cut up with the high hold high shine Deluxe Pomade or achieve a more casual finish with Matte Pomade.